Local SEO Stats - Top4 Marketing

Top4 Local SEO Stats: Why You Need Local Marketing Strategy

We’ve spent so much time emphasizing the importance of local SEO and local marketing strategy, especially for small businesses. Yet. we ...
Why Small Business Needs Digital Marketing - Top4 Marketing

Top4 Reasons Why Small Business Needs Digital Marketing – Especially Now

We all know how Coronavirus has changed many aspects of our lives – including business. What was ‘right’ and working before ...
Food Delivery - Top4 Marketing

Delivery and the future of dining: ‘Convenience is eroding that little extra effort’

As Australian state borders shut against Covid-19, restaurants are better prepared than in the first lockdown. But will delivery ...
Go Local First - Top4 Marketing

National ‘Go Local First’ campaign urges Australians to support small businesses

Small businesses across the country are being invited to get involved with a new national campaign designed to encourage Australians to ...
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