9 Digital Marketing Blogs That Are Worth Following

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Starting and growing your digital agency is hard. Whether you’re doing it alone or managing a small team, there’s more to learn and keep up with.

Here’s a list of the best blogs to follow, which can be your go-to resources and help you save a little time.


1. Digital Marketer

If you’re looking for up-to-date marketing tips and execution, Digital Marketer is the online resource you can’t afford to miss. The blog has amazing content that can help you stay ahead of the competition, free PDFs, and in-depth courses, along with a membership suite called DMLab to help close any gaps in your marketing knowledge.

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Digital Marketer


2. Hubspot

Hubspot deals with a wide range of topics including Social Media ROI, Inbound Marketing and a bit more. Its huge Marketing Library is full of free e-books and downloadable templates that can give you a lot of knowledge and insights into marketing and design topics.

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3. Smart Insights

Though most content on the site is related to general digital marketing tips, there are great resources that you can specifically use for running and growing your digital agency, such as the Agency Growth Management Toolkit.

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Smart Insights


4. Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk has been an agency owner for more than 12 years already and has built it into a multi-million dollar business so he knows the struggles agency owners go through. His blog is full of advice, templates, and other resources that can help you start and scale a successful business.

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Jason Swenk


5. Marketing Agency Insider

Paul Roetzer, the man behind the blog, has founded a well-grounded inbound marketing agency called PR 20/20. This site is created for topics about running, managing and growing a digital agency and has even a course to help you along the way.

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Marketing Agency Insider


Here are the SEO sites that are offering the content you need to improve your digital marketing efforts.


6. Moz

The site has some of the best SEO-related content around the web. There are four blogs within the site itself and each one has a few things that are worth bookmarking. Rand’s Blog has very interesting insights while YouMoz blog gives you an opportunity to contribute a post, which can land on the main Moz Blog itself.

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7. Backlinko

If you’re looking for actionable SEO insights, then Brian Dean’s blog, Backlinko, is the right one for you. Though the blog contains less than 40 blog posts, it’s by far one of the best SEO blogs around the web.

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8. Search Engine Watch

If you want a daily dose of SEO and Google, check out Search Engine Watch. The site publishes articles every day on everything from local SEO to PPC and a lot more.

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Search Engine Watch


9. SEO Hacker

Sean Si, the CEO and founder of SEO Hacker and SaaS company Qeryz, started the blog. Sean and his team’s content shows they’re very knowledgeable when it comes to digital marketing.

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SEO Hacker


Aside from these blogs, follow digital marketing experts via Top4 today.

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