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Simplifying your daily social media marketing tasks is easier with the help of online apps and tools, that can make a large difference in the daily life of a busy social media marketer.

Here are some tools and apps for social media marketing that you will find helpful:

Gboard – created by Google, is a digital keyboard to improve texting and chatting while surfing or searching the web on your mobile devices. It swaps with your current keyboard on your mobile device to save you lots of time.


The idea of this app is that you don’t have to switch back and forth to texting and surfing. It’s an integrated search function right on your mobile device keyboard. – is a website tool that can help in optimising large images files without reducing the image quality, by just dropping the images into the header of the website and it will completely decrease the file size of the images.

image-compressor can process up to 20 images in JPEG or PNG format that you can drop at one time. For this tool, you can save up to 70%  of the file size when compressing images. It can be used to reduce the sizes of large images that are optimized for Facebook Open Graph or Pinterest, thus speeding up the loading time of website for mobile devices and this also works on transparent PNG files.


Quitter for Mac – Social Media Marketers opens a lot of applications which slows down the computer. This app shuts down inactive programs on the computer saving time and resources. You can set certain applications to quit or hide after a certain amount of time of inactivity. Tools to remove inactive programs


Younity – Install this app on your computer and your mobile devices (phone or tablet). Log in with the same account and with this app you can access the hard drive of your computer, using your mobile device, with the exact file structure without using a cloud service.



Unsplash – Visit and get free hi-resolution images to be used on your blog posts and any other social media marketing posts. All photos from unsplash are licensed under creative commons with a wide range of selection. The website also adds images to their collection every 10 days and each is categorized and organized. You can also submit your own photos too!



Smartmockups – is a website that lets social marketers present something they created in context on any devices (desktop, laptop or smartphone). Smartmockups illustrates your audience how your digital products will look like on a smartphone or any devices. All photos are royalty-free for use in commercial or personal projects, making your every project look professional.



Boomerang for Gmail – This tool lets you write an email and schedule it to send later. Also, there’s an option where you also set your email that if someone didn’t respond by a certain time then it will remind you to send it again. There’s also another feature wherein if you want to read your email a little later in the day, the message will come back to you at the time you specified.



Copied – This tool captures and saves everything that you copy (URL, images, text paragraph, etc.) onto your clipboard then synchronizes with them via iCloud, saving you a lot of time if you need to copy something from your phone to your laptop or vice-versa. It also has the option to limit certain apps to get saved or not to your clipboard.



Zoom – An easy-to-use tool that lets you host any meetings (audio or video meetings) that include the sharing of screens from your iPhone or iPad. You can set-up a meeting for up to 50 people for up to 40 minutes on the free plan. Just send the link and the right code to the people you want to have a meeting with and you’ll be there waiting for them.



Spark Post – A free iOS app that lets you design quality graphics using your mobile device. Spark Post goes beyond basic square images and quote-graphics. It has free hi-quality images that you can use to create quality graphics on the go. You can change sizes and text quickly using your finger down and dragging it. There are also professionally designed templates available for use.



GhostCodes – is an app for Snapchat that lets other people find you using your snapcode, a bio or keywords on what you do or what you snap about. People can click you or give you a heart on certain categories, and the more rankings you have, the more likely you’ll be discovered.



Librestock – is a website that searches for the best 43 websites that have free stock images at the same time. It saves time searching from your two or three favorite libraries. LibreStock is a simple, straightforward, and keyword-based search engine for stock images.



New OCR – OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, this web tool takes text from a photo and paste it into a document, abling you to work with it on your computer. New OCR works with different image format (jpeg, png, bitmap, etc.) and also with PDF’s.



30/30 – is an app that helps you better manage your time. 30/30 helps you do things in intervals, that helps you focus on your current task. You’ll have the option to do 30 minutes of work then take a 5-minutes of break or whatever necessary time period you want. It has different icons to use for everyday task and notifies you with an alarm regarding how much time you have left interval. There’s also a “pause” option when you have to take a call or do something urgent that is not on your current task.



Google Photos – allows you to upload unlimited photos into the Cloud storage. Using your google account you can then upload your pics as hi-resolution images. The best thing with google photos is that it’s unlimited and best, it’s free. Also, it frees up space on your mobile device and you can easily find the location of any specified image that you are looking for.



Photo Gallery by Web-Dorado – It’s a photo gallery plugin that’s responsive and looks great on any devices (desktop or mobile). Once you install the plugin, simply create an image gallery and drag as many photos as you want. Then you can use a shortcode to embed the gallery in  one of your website pages.



iOgrapher – it is a handheld rig that lets you place your iPhone or iPad which also has room for wide-angle lenses or telephoto, a light, and a microphone. You can also hook it up on a tripod or carry it in your hands. iOgrapher lets you create a lot of video on the go.



Anchor – Using your phone, Anchor lets you broadcast audio clips, with bit-sized file, to the world. You can also tag people in your audio post, create a short description about it and share using facebook or twitter.



Music for Makers – Looking for great background music that is royalty and commercial free? Music for Makers lets you use original music, that is copyright free, for personal or commercial projects. With different music to choose from, with every genre or mood by different musical instruments.



Listomatic – is an iOS mobile app that helps you manage Twitter lists on the go. It uses a system of tags you define to suggest people from your own personal lists making it easier to access. It’s a lot better organizing personal lists than inside Twitter.



MotionMail – is used to display the live countdown timer in your emails. It’s a better way to give a sense of urgency to emails regarding sales and/or promotions on a specific day. MotionMails lets you choose a number of different templates for your countdown timer and it is auto-generated.



Fluid Browser – is more than your average browser. It’s a see-through browser window that enables you to work on other tasks while watching a movie, tutorial, PDFs or images. This is much helpful when you have a smaller computer screen and it enables you to work underneath it. It is currently available only for Mac Desktops.



Little Voices – is an iOS app for Twitter that removes all images, links, or replies from another user, leaving the tweets that only contain texts. It is a great way to remove all the clutter and visual noise of Twitter.

twitter-filter-tool – This tool makes your Twitter shares visible again and fixes your existing share buttons, just by adding a piece of code to every page on your website. Regardless of how big your website is, how old the content, detect Twitter shares within a minute on average and only gets slower if you track too many websites.


Every tool and app mentioned above will surely help to save time and work smarter, making a difference in your daily work. These will definitely help social media marketers do their job more efficient and effective.

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