Content and SEO: Building Linkable Content

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In March, Google Search Quality Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev stated that Google’s two top ranking factors are content and links.


Content and links have a symbiotic relationship: great content attracts links, and links improve the visibility and popularity of content. However, not all types of content will attract links, and even content types that typically attract links require strategic promotion in order to secure those links.

What makes content linkable?

There are numerous types of content: blog posts, articles, white papers, eBooks, listicles, videos, photographs, case studies and more.

But not all types of content are link-worthy.

It makes sense — different content should serve different purposes (awareness, education, conversion and so on). Therefore, if links are a goal in your marketing strategy, you should have content planned to secure links.

Creating content alone isn’t enough. You can’t build it and expect the links to come. You need a link strategy.

The first step to creating linkable content is to understand why people link on the web. Then, when you’re planning your next piece of content, ask yourself the question, “Why would anyone link to this content?”

Your answer should guide your content promotion strategy.

Source: Marketing Land

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