How to Make Your Content Drive More Qualified Traffic

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Are you wondering how you can make your content drive more traffic to your website — traffic that actually engages in some activities on the site?

By using the following 5-step formula, you’ll be able to strengthen your content marketing strategy, which will help you get tonnes of qualified traffic.


1. Make sure your content is fresh.

Google’s new Panda technology refreshes and updates Google, now giving more focus to actual content in websites. When it comes to ranking sites, Google now gives more importance to fresh content. So, if you have the same old text and graphics you had on your site a quarter ago, you’re just inviting more flags from Google. You’ll also most likely get hit more by the recent Panda 4.2 than most.

In fact, forget about Google for a second and think about human users. Don’t you think they love finding something new — a different angle, creative perspective or surprising insight — every time they search for something on the web?

If you’re running short of unique ideas, try reviving some of your old content that rocked in the past. Republish your old content and include updates. Adding latest information or making improvements to your content will make it more relevant, evergreen and valuable to your audience.

After repurposing your old content, don’t forget to market it to make it readily accessible to your audience. Social media is a great way to market your content. If you’re just starting out, you should pick the social media platform where your target audience hangs out the most and you’re comfortable with. Yes, social media is holding sway, but forums haven’t lost their relevance. Initiate a new thread on a forum and invite others to share their views on your content.


2. Pick awesome topics.

If readers just landed on your page and found the same old thing that they found on more other pages, you’re unlikely to sustain those customers or ensure their loyalty.

What is your audience searching for? Check out the latest news, events or social media updates. Is there a way you can creatively relate your findings to the content you want to create? Once you’ve come up with unique topics, make sure you integrate your findings and build your own content in your own voice and style.

3. Target audience in your locality.

Going local is the way to go especially when you want your visitors to engage with your topic. Say, you’re in Australia and you’re sharing a topic that originated in other countries. That won’t certainly make the splash you’re wishing for.

First, you won’t be able to understand and represent the idea in a post exactly the way it was represented by the other language unless you’ve been very familiar with it. Second, your visitors will most likely engage with your post if they see something about their own city than if they see some discussion about regions or countries unfamiliar to them.

Thus, creating content that reflects the perspective and culture of your target audience is the key to guaranteeing some level of engagement, which in turns drives traffic.


4. Consider sharing other’s content.

Whether you accept it or not, time will come when you’ll run short of visitors, even if you think you’ve published your own well-researched posts. So, you should consider working within a network or community especially if you don’t have enough content of your own for interlinking.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing other people’s content, as long as they’re something your audience will find valuable. Upon sharing other people’s content, you’ll create an obligation to share. This is born from the human tendency to reciprocate a favour, especially a good one like commenting on or sharing content.

5. Try paid campaigns.

You don’t have to run high-budget campaigns. At least a portion of your revenue can go to paid campaigns, as that will help you earn more traffic in return. You can run a paid campaign on StumbleUpon and/or buy paid placements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Top4, Twitter, etc, depending on your budget. This can particularly be very useful for new sites, which haven’t built their own dedicated audience yet.

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