Top 4 Must-Have Bathroom Pieces for Your Next Renovation Project

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Investing in bathroom renovation is rewarding on multiple levels. If you’re selling, buyers love great bathrooms. If you’re staying, a luxurious bathroom can be a relaxing oasis where you can happily begin or end a busy day.

Your bathroom is also an expression of who you are and it should reflect not only your needs but also your unique artistic flare. What could be more satisfying than making an artistic statement in the room that gives you comfort? If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, here are four ways to make a statement in the space — and make your bathroom a work of art:

Showpiece sinkbathroom-sink

Few design elements afford such a perfect opportunity for utility and artistry to blend beautifully as does the bathroom sink. A striking statement vessel in patterned porcelain or smoky glass is a good focal point for your vanity, as it still provides ample space for essential functioning.

It’s not that hard to find statement-style sinks but, you should look for options that evoke the look and feel of the era when luxury items were handcrafted by learned artisans. Kohler, a trusted name in bathroom fixtures for over 100 years, offers Kohler Artists Editions collections that turn everyday fixtures into striking statement pieces. Each bathroom piece is a unique statement of your personal artistry.

Standout shower

A shower is so much more than just a place to get clean — it can soothe at the end of a trying day or invigorate your senses in preparation for a busy day ahead. Statement showers incorporate luxury features including multiple shower heads, wall jets, hand showers, rainfall showerheads, seating, customised lighting and even sound and video.

A bigger statement shower may be better but, it may not always be possible. You can start with a glass enclosure that makes the shower feel open to the room. If your space is small, you should choose lighter coloured tile. Bigger showers can withstand darker tile work.

Luxurious countertops

Natural stones such as granite, marble, concrete and limestone might be too costly for a kitchen, but they’re a cost-effective way to make a statement in a bathroom (where there’s less square footage to cover). These high-end materials, when paired with statement sinks, are perfect for creating a unique, one-of-a-kind look. You can upgrade bathroom countertops to your dream material and then add luxury touches like a matching backsplash or under-counter LED lighting.

Transformational tubsbathtub

Tub options are virtually limitless these days, and you can find statement tubs in every size and style you can think of. The tub is often the first essential element homeowners and designers fall in love with and the one that establishes the direction for their overall bathroom renovation.

Soaking tubs, according to the 2016 National Kitchen & Bath Association trend report, are still popular installations for bathroom renovations. Whether you choose a traditional claw-foot design evoking a bygone era, a concrete tub creating a more modern or industrial look or a porcelain confection with sweeping, graceful lines, you’ll be able to find a statement tub that will match your personal sense of artistry.

The bottom line: bathroom renovation is an investment well worth the time, money and passion. It’s also an opportunity to put your artistic mark on one of the most important rooms in your home.

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