Top 4 Reasons to Go to Local Plumbing Suppliers

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For your plumbing supplies, it’s always a great idea to try and go local for a huge variety of reasons. Whether you’re keen on helping your local community or you’re much more into something more tangible such as a more convenient store, getting the parts and fittings you need the first time round or much more helpful knowledgeable staff, local is the way to go.

Here are the key reasons buying local when it comes to plumbing supplies is so important.

No incorrect parts will be turning up on the day you need

When you order online, you’re often ordering blind. There might be a couple of pictures of the best parts in the batch, taken under highly flattering lighting, in a professional studio, but you really have no idea about the actual quality, look and feel of the parts or fittings that you’re ordering. It’s impossible to gauge size and shape from just photos, and this is sometimes going to result in accidentally ordering the incorrect parts, which can be a massive waste of time. If you go to a local supplier, you can check if they’re up to spec and right for the job you’re doing.

Easy returns, easy exchanges.

It’s always going to be a lot easier to return incorrect or faulty parts to local plumbing suppliers or hardware stores, compared to online suppliers. There’s no messing around with postage, and no waiting to receive the right part. Aside from this, there’s no back and forth of email trying to guarantee a refund. All this amounts to less time wasted and allows you to finish the job quicker and with a better standard. Time spent trying to sort things long distance is always frustrating, and there’s always the risk of getting ripped off or being sent an equally useless replacement part.

Local suppliers know what they’re selling.local-plumbing-suppliers

How many times have you found yourself awkwardly ordering something online with no real idea whether it’s suitable or correct? With so many niche or unusual parts out there but with limited information and spec on them, you can never really be sure whether you’re buying the correct thing. Even with reviews, too few sites offer a proper, reliable guarantee. With buying local, you can talk to an experienced, knowledgeable and helpful clerk and explain why you need the part, then they’ll probably point you in the direction of a more suitable part and save you a load of trouble. Local suppliers will often give very useful guidance and help, which will prevent you from making costly, time-wasting mistakes.

Local businesses need our help.

Supporting your local businesses also helps your local area grow and develop and provides jobs in the community. Supporting your local community is an amazing by-product of making the most of your local plumbing and hardware suppliers. Since they’re local, it means they’re just a few minutes up the road, so it’s easier for you, anyway.

For your plumbing needs, consider going to these local plumbing businesses.


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