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For any type of business, it can be hard to get noticed on Google search. Top4 wants to change how brands get customers.

Have you ever hired an SEO agency? With the hope to improve your Google search rankings.

You spend a lot of money, and soon discover it doesn’t really make any improvements to your bottom line.

Or, you try to do improve your search engine rankings by yourself on Google – but seamlessly fail.

The real problem with SEO agencies is only a small handful are actually qualified to help you. The rest are just taking your money.

But what about if you could get your company listed on the front page of Google? You can get more business, increase conversion rates and feel good about it at the same time too.

Another way to think of it is a person trying to search for your business.

People will type an exact key phrase like “Cosmetic Surgery Surry Hills” into Google – wanting to find the closest shop locally.

Top4 has this ‘special magic’ that gets your business on the front page of Google. Here’s a real example of Top4 in action.

I typed in “Cosmetic Surgery Surry Hills” into Google.

Sure enough, Top4 listed a cosmetic surgery in Surry Hils on the front page of Google search. Here it is (red box)

Unlike most SEO agencies, the SEO value that Top4 provides is quantifiable – with real numbers. And you can actually see, and track these results.

The “Cosmetic Medical Centre Top4 Listing”,  has got over 1700 visits and 66 ratings. This is the Top4 magic at work.


Top4 has three main competitors Knokal a place for small businesses to find customers and service providers – Boomshare and SavvySME.

Top4’s uniqueness combines directory listings, lead generation, local SEO, brand exposure and content publishing. You could think of it like a ‘social media SaaS’ solution for business.

There are over 2 million small businesses in Australia, nationwide. And this will continue to grow.

Private investors have so far invested $1.1M in Top4. And, Top4 is in talks with venture capitalists now to raise growth funding.

The core team is made up of Michael Doyle, Costas Mantratzis, Simon Wheeler, Chris Dimmock, Shailendra Shrestha and Allen Wu.

  • Founder, Managing Director: Michael Doyle, Founder of TWMG and has worked with IGA, Accenture, Samsung and the Australian Government.
  • Technical Director: Costas Mantratzis, Former Lecturer at Macquarie University and has consulted for BBC and The London Stock Exchange.
  • Management Team: Simon Wheeler, previously CIO of Bauer Media Australia and sold its publishing arm to the media company in late 2012.
  • Management Team: Chris Dimmock, Founded Cogentis Search Marketing and has over 30 years experience in sales.
  • Project Manager: Shailendra Shrestha, Project Manager since 2001 and has completed hundreds of website projects in the corporate sectors.
  • Web Engineer: Allen Wu, Senior Programmer for over 10 years and has extensive programming experience of contemporary online technologies.

According to Michael Doyle, Founder and Managing Director of Top4:

“We have found that businesses are unhappy spending their money on SEO experts, agencies and of course … Google. That’s why we developed Top4 – to help businesses and provide them with a new marketing channel to get more business.”

Recently, Top4 partnered with Crazy Domains and – and has over 170,000 businesses listed on its platform.

Their team is headquartered in the heart of sunny Sydney and plans to first expand to Asia early 2017.

Source: Ghacklabs

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