Location-based Marketing, Big Data Ranked Top Australian Digital Marketing Opportunities

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A just-concluded, two-city conference of over 150 leading digital marketing professionals in Sydney and Melbourne has delivered some critical insights for the local digital marketing industry; highlighting opportunities that new technologies, such as location-based marketing, can deliver. According to surveys undertaken at the Kentico digital marketing conferences, 50% of attending industry professionals believe that location-based marketing opportunities presented the greatest opportunity to the digital marketing sector in Australia, ahead of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

location-based marketing

“Imagine you are walking to a job interview and it starts to rain. The last thing you want is to turn up in a drenched suit. Luckily your phone sends you a message to tell you there is a shop 30 meters from your location that has a 50% sale on umbrellas. Or, based on the current weather conditions your phone will simply offer you a cab before you even leave home. Handy, right? Well, through a combination of your weather app and location tracking on your phone and some smart, this is already possible. The opportunities presented by location based marketing are enormous,” said Wayne Jasek, Director of APAC Operations for Kentico Software.

Big Data remains a big concern, adblockers are not

While the outlook for the local digital marketing sector is positive, research indicated there are challenges ahead. 55.7% percent of attendees said that the inability to harness big data, or being overwhelmed by big data, was a major challenge facing Australian digital marketers.

“Interestingly, despite a lot of industry attention on the impact of ad blocking technologies and their potential to limit the effectiveness of targeting audiences online, only a small minority of industry professionals saw ad blockers as a threat to their work,” added Jasek.

Areas for improvement online

Importantly digital marketers believe that there are areas that online campaigns need to improve locally, with over 55% of attendees believing that businesses are not providing enough fresh, or personalised content, on their online platforms for audiences.

Today personalised online content is critical. Delivering personalised, dynamic content across all digital channels means that a business is keeping visitors on its pages longer, which in turn increases their conversion rate,” said Jasek.


Source: CSO

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