I Need To Perform An SEO Audit To Check The Health Of A Site. What Is The Best Tool To Use To Do This?

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To help you promptly diagnose technical and usability issues on your site and prevent business losses, I’d recommend that you use the Web CEO Technical Audit Tool.
After scanning your site, they’ll give you a detailed report on technical errors and professional advice on how to fix them.


Web CEO tool


Then, make a deep SEO health check with the Web CEO SEO Analysis tooland get easy to follow advice. Check your site pages for Panda violations such as duplicate or low-quality content. Even one minor error can lead to serious consequences, including de-indexing from search engines. You can get a free detailed report on all the possible issues:

  • General SEO Analysis (duplicate pages, excessive number of H1 tags)
  • Site structure audit (robots.txt, sitemap)
  • Broken links, images
  • Missing anchors
  • Server and page access issues
  • Slow response time pages
  • 200, 301, 302, 404 pages
  • Analysis of landing pages optimization (keywords in URL, title, body, ALTs)
  • Mobile optimization analysis


Netpeak Spider Tool

It is one of the main tools that we’re using in our company for SEO audit. It’s pretty easy but at the same time it is correct and powerful. You can check almost all website errors and customize search as you need.

netpeak spider

Netpeak Spider allows you to:

  • Check all key on-page SEO parameters of craw
  • led URLs;
  • Spot more than 60 issues of your website optimization;
  • Analyze website incoming and outgoing links;
  • Find broken links and redirects;
  • Avoid duplicate content: Pages, Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 Headers, etc.;
  • Consider indexation instructions (Robots.txt, Meta Robots, X-Robots-Tag, Canonical);
  • Calculate internal PageRank to improve website linking structure;
  • Set custom rules to crawl either the entire website or its certain part;
  • Save or export data to work with it whenever you want.

Pricing: starting from $9.80 per month
You can try 14-day free trial

In order to conduct the analysis you can use some of the following SEO audit tools:

Test any page of your website using this tool so that you can improve any of the on-page SEO elements that might hurt your ranking. This tool is completely free to use in order to analyze your website. Once you submit your website and click on the button “Analyze” you will get a list of tips on how you could improve your website in terms of search engine optimization. Additional list will include the analysis of the SEO elements with the indicator showing whether it is good, bad or neutral.

WOO Rank
This is another SEO audit tool that enables you to examine the website and get tips on things to be improved. You will get the list of top priorities, which includes some issues that should be fixed as soon as possible.

My Site Auditor
Besides helping with SEO audit, this tool even enables you to embed a free SEO audit tool on your website. With My Site Auditor you get access to your personal dashboard which includes the most advanced features that help you analyze your website. You will be able to save the audit reports under separate projects and compare them. Although you need an account to get access to all of the advanced features, you can conduct a simple SEO audit for free.

You can give SearchEnabler a spin. Provides complete site analysis and its affordable too (starts at $15).

SearchEnabler review at SEJ: SEO Software for Small Business and Startups – SearchEnabler

Listing some of the features

– Site Audit 

SEO Audit Tools


– Content Analysis & Recommendation


content analysis tool


– Backlink Analysis


backlink analysis


– OnPage recommendations


content quality tools


– Rank, Traffic and Social Media Tracking


social media tracking
– Mail Reports, Shared User’s & more
keyword ranking tools
You can give it a spin with free trial (only email id required).

Page locus offers some amazing tools that web masters can use for their SEO research and management,BEST PART IS THAT IT IS COMPLETELY FREE TO USE. There are some key areas where our tool is really effective.

  1. Complete Website Scan (Website Analysis)
  2. Keyword Suggestion Tool
  3. Google Analytics & Features

1. Complete Website Scan.

A complete website scan tool check for SEO, Social and other issues for any website within seconds. Here is a screenshot for website scan of Google

complete website scan

You can also download a white label pdf which can be customised in all possible ways. Complete website scan does a pretty good job in gathering as much information possible in a single report.

There are no limitations on how many websites you can scan and you can even keep track of website you have scanned in the dashboard. ( After registration).

You can use the Complete Website Scan Tool here : Complete Website Scan Tool

2.Keyword Suggestion Tool

You can get hundreds of suggestions for any keyword you want. Its fast, super easy and there are a lot of features we have added to get your keyword research a boost.

keyword suggestion tool

We have added new features such as adding the keywords into the bucket and then downloading it to the spreadsheet from there. Here is a screenshot for downloading keywords.

keywords bucket

You can use the keyword suggestion tool here. Keyword Suggestion Tool

3.Projects and Google Analytics

You can create projects and connect Google Analytics to that Project and some great insights with custom build Google Analytics Reports.

Here is the Google Analytics Report that we have generated from PageLocus.

google analytic tools

As you can see from the above screenshot that the report gives you a detailed analysis of the traffic that’s coming on to the website.

  • Social Media Traffic Distribution section provides traffic information from different social media platforms.
  • Browser Share Traffic distribution section provides information about the traffic from individual browsers.
  • Keyword Data Section provides traffic information from different search queries.

Here is the screenshot for Analytics by Device

analytics by device

This report provides an overview of traffic from different devices including information such as average bounce rate, average session duration and average page views.

Here is a screenshot for Analytics by Location.

analytics by location

Now here comes my favorite report which represent map graph for traffic information with location including the top ten countries generating most traffic.

More Features are on the way!

We are working diligently working to add more features to our tool. We are currently working on.

  • Connecting Google Webmasters with Page Locus Projects.
  • Social Media Marketing Platform – Manage Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Other Platforms.
  • More Google Analytics Reports.
  • White Label PDF for Complete Website Scans and Other Tools.


Our vision is not to stop at this but make great strides in providing the best SEO tool available online.

In fact, there are lots of tools that can help you check the health of a website. In my opinion, the following four tools should rank the top of your choice.

SEO Audit Tool and SEO Website Analysis: SEOMATOR

service for competitors research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain

Automated Marketing Report Software and Technical SEO Audits

SEO Audit Tool & Website Review – WooRank

All of them will provide you a good report on your website’s health and a guideline about how you can improve it. So, choose the one which best suits you in terms of your personal liking.

Honestly, there is no singular tool that taps into the full potential of an SEO audit. The best tool is yourself – with the support of a few different resources. SEO auditing is one of the most powerful tools that your business can leverage – and getting your hands dirty and doing it yourself can produce incredible insights and yield more substantive results. Of course, you’ll use different tools along the way, like Pingdom’s Speed Test to check loading speeds and UpCity’s SEO Report Card to get an overview of how you’re ranking, but outsourcing the entire audit process, or using an “audit tool” probably isn’t the best idea.

A solid audit consists of three “sub-audits,” including a technical audit, an on-page audit, and an off-page audit. Along the way, you’ll find yourself evaluating everything from DNS settings to structured data; sitemaps to domain authority. There’s no shortage of topics to cover.

We recently put together a comprehensive guide that you’ll enjoy:
The Ultimate Guide to Developing an Actionable SEO Audit

By the way, when I say comprehensive, I mean it. Before you look into any tools or consultants, I recommend giving that post a close read. Once you have a good understanding of (a) just how important an SEO audit is and (b) everything that goes into it, you’ll be in a better position to determine how you want to proceed.

I really hope this helps! Please feel free to send over any follow up questions you may have!

Elite Site Optimizer (ESO) is a new, innovative SEO Analysis tool focused on Keyword Ranking Analysis, Mobile Ranking Analysis, and many other capabilities. SEO Professionals and website owners can check their domain performance across different search engines and locations through features like ‘mobile SEO’, monitor keywords and competitors, analyze their pages and performance on search engines via rank analysis, competitive analysis, and on-page site elements analysis, track and view the visitors of the domain and the sources, including social signal tracking, and view international search rankings. Domain owners and SEO professionals can use the custom reports builder feature of ESO to build and schedule to receive custom reports.

A consistent and timely site audit can be quite crucial for your business. By auditing your site pages, you are also structuring it and making it more search-engine-friendly. A site audit helps in identifying those areas that are distressing the traffic to your site which invariably means the number of potential customers. By performing website reviews from time to time, you have the power to safeguard your website from on-page SEO errors and potential usability issues. You can automate your site’s quality checks with Elite Site Optimizer (ESO) and rest assured feel secure about issues or errors that might arise and may negatively impact your search engine rankings.

“A Complete SEO Analysis tool for SEO managers and Web Masters”

Your brain is the best tool. Seriously. Websites are for humans, so start looking at them as such. Only rely on tools to provide *supplementary* data that assists you in the overall review.

Annie Cushing developed an AWESOME checklist here:


which can be paired with:

Screaming Frog – http://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/s…

Google Webmaster Tools –

Here are some tools that you can use to make an SEO audit:

– SEO Screaming Frog – very helpful to know the technical parts such as broken links, redirects, duplicate, missing title tags or meta descriptions (exact number of characters are also shown), etc.
 Check My Links — this is quite helpful for checking broken links
– Google Webmaster Tools – check backlinks, keywords your pages are ranking, and a whole lot more
– Google Analytics — another good source of historical and performance data.
– Open Site Explorer – quite useful as well, most especially for backlinks analysis.

I’ve used a number of tools to complete an SEO content audit for my website after spending hours and hours performing content inventories and audits manually, but the easiest and most user-friendly tool I’ve found is DYNO Mapper.

DYNO Mapper can help monitor your website’s health on a regular basis.
Additional features include a sitemap generator that integrates analytics data, content audits and inventory, keyword tracking and accessibility testing. It gives creatives and IT the insight necessary to make quick and informed decisions about content.

As of now, the software is offering a try-before-you-buy option with its 14 day free trial.

Agree with Jeff.

When it comes to quality website analysis, your brain is your best tool. Website audit is a complex procedure and you not only need to get rid of all coding errors but also make your site content search engines- and user-friendly.

As for SEO audit software, the tool I recommend you to check is Website Auditor:


The tool will help you find all SEO errors that are holding back your ranking progress and fix them. With Website Autitor you will be able to find all site broken links, fix HTML errors, spot all duplicate titles and meta descriptions, HTTP status codes and a lot more.

You can try Topvisor’s Website Auditor. Pricing is very reasonable: $0,1 per page and tool keeps updating and developing. It allows to examine projects to detect possible issues with indexing, inbound and outbound links, titles, meta-tags, snippets and pictures.


You can use Topvisor website auditor tool to track changes on the site and scan your site for possible issues. This module consists of some tools:

  • Watcher
  • Sitemap generator
  • Site Auditor
  • Index status

There is the snapshot:

topvisor seo audit tool

As you can see it has a very user-friendly interface.

Once you click on the button “Start scanning” you will get a list of tips on how you could improve your website.

Here is Top SEO Tools : 

  • MazaSeo: Free Tools + More than 50 Free SEO Tools ( recommended ) FaceBook: MazaSeo
  • Moz: paid Tools
    FaceBook: Moz
  • SemrushFree & limited Tools
    FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/SEMrush
  • ahrefs: paid Tools


As the first of several required SEO checklists that we recommend, the Web Server SEO Audit  looks at the bare essentials of your site. This is also the first of three audits that we believe are essential for conducting a basic technical SEO audit, followed by a Site Architecture Audit and Index & Indexing Audit.

Using a variety of tools, we’ll take thorough measurements of your site for accessibility. This frequently unearths a variety of problems that you’re not able to see when visiting your own site, such as intermittent error messages and problems rendering under certain conditions. Written by a former web hosting industry founder, this resource will provide a variety of comprehensive, free tools that most SEO specialists have never heard of, but are no less critical.

We’ll also take a close look at other attributes of your HTTP headers in bulk fashion, which can also present a variety of problems that virtually every other SEO audit tends to miss. And, in the process, we’ll crawl page-by-page to find the more obvious server response issues like flagging all broken links and bad redirects.

web server seo audit

You can get a FREE site audit on our home page.
Home – First Page SEO Internet Marketing

The audits are pretty extensive and best of all the’re free.

Hope this help,

Try http://www.myfreewebsiteaudit.net/ It provides OnPage SEO Audit as well as Social factors, Schema, Title and Meta and much more essential information required by a Novice User to understand and not too much technicality that only experts understand.

Lots of websites audit tool for Crawling, Meta tags, website speed, content audit are covered on SEO Audit Workshop : Frameworks , Techniques and Tools

Usually several tools are used to perform a SEO audit, each for checking different parametres. If you wish to make your site SEO audit, you can get it for free from QArea prefessionals during Christmas and New Year holidays: Free SEO Audit and Site Testing

Use Webbee SEO Spider for this purpose. It can help you to crawl your all pages, titles, meta descriptions, Headings, http status codes, redirection, Sitemap, schema markup, internal linking, images alt tags, Keywords conflict audit and many other interesting actions.

I hope it will perfectly work for you.

I’d recommend using multiple seo audit algorithms such as moz open explorer, seoptimer, mysiteauditor and all the other links you can get by googlied seo audit. Some tools fail to crawl things other tools might find. Webmaster tools, both binh and google give some great insight of your pages health. Start with this free version of MySiteAudior and see where it will take you.

Screaming Frog is the best.

Here is an article i’ve made recently featuring the The List Of The Best SEO  Audit Tools & Resources.

We just released Site Performance – Report key metrics for any website – Raven Tools that works in tandem with our 2nd most recent release of SEO Site Auditor for Website Search Engine Optimization. Between these two tools you can find out the big errors, and track changes in your site’s metrics and compare your site to your competitors.

I’ve used Website Review – SEO Tool | WooRank.com, which is free, and liked it very much. Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Website Review – SEO Tool | WooRank.com.personally – so no vested interest. I just liked it. I don’t use very many of these tools, so I can’t compare it with others very well either.

ScreamingFrog is a great place to start if you have a small site (if you have a site larger than 500 pages, it’s worth it to pay for it).  If you need something more complex, I suggest trying Sycara… it’s like ScreamingFrog on steroids.

I use Neil Patel’s  Quick Sprout and found it really helpful. It gives a detail analysis of your website and suggestions on how to improve.

Besides the ones already mentioned you can get a free onpage keyword report also at  Seo Check your Website – Get our FREE in-depth Report

If I think woorank is the best tool. It has also free service.You can use woorank extension to taste it first.

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