50 marketing tools and resources to boost your productivity

Marketing campaigns have evolved over the years. It has become dynamic to its audience’s needs and wants, even more so in 2019. But with so many moving parts to consider in creating and running marketing initiatives today, it can be overwhelming even for an experienced marketer to navigate through.

Finding the right marketing tools can help complement your campaigns for optimal results. Hence, we have compiled 50 available online marketing resources across research, design, analytics, and engagement that your team can use. Note though that this list isn’t exhaustive!

Market Research



Any marketing campaign worth its value has research as its core fundamental foundation. Without it, we are essentially venturing out into the dark, hoping for things to come together. Marketers understand that before you can even tell your brand’s story, you have to first know who you are talking to.

To help step up your research endeavors, we have handpicked these tools to help you jumpstart your next marketing campaign.

Note: All pricings are in US dollars.

1) Feedly

Cost: Free for the Basic plan, Pro plan costs $5.41/month, Teams plan costs $18/month
A marketer’s tool to discover and follow blogs, publications, keywords, trending videos and tweets, and so much more on a single platform.

2) HubSpot Research

Cost: Basic starts free, other plans start from $50/month to $3200/month
Another expansive resource for marketing insights and trends. You also get access to research reports as well as a presentation builder tool that can help you build a customized slide deck with HubSpot data.

3) Keyhole

Cost: Free trial for 7 days, other plans start from $199/month to $999/month, Enterprise plan varies
A social media listening tool that helps marketers track real-time trending content on social media platforms. Keyhole also helps marketers identify key influencers in a specific industry or brand, follow current tweets and hashtags, and more.

4) Loop11

Cost: $49/month for Rapid Insights, $199/month for Pro
Loop11 is a usability testing tool for marketers looking to analyze and gather data on any website’s user interactions and metrics.

5) MakeMyPersona

Cost: Free
HubSpot’s interactive web tool for marketers looking to automatically generate buyer personas through an easy-to-use questionnaire about your ideal customers.

6) Survata

Cost: $1/respondent with a minimum spend of $200 for Basic, $2.50/respondent with a minimum spend of $500 for Extended
Survata is another survey tool for marketers needing help finding their target survey audience. They also review your questions and suggest edits so you may get the best out of your questions.

7) SurveyMonkey

Cost: Free for Basic plan, other plans start from $51/month to $110/month
A tool for creating in-depth surveys that will help you understand the market and consumer preferences.

8) Social Mention

Cost: Free
A real-time social media search engine tool that can identify what customers are buzzing about online. Just type a keyword and the tool will show you the historical social posts that contain that keyword, together with a list of related keywords and other data.

9) Temper

Cost: Starts at $12/month for Hobby plan, $199/month for White Label plan
A pulse survey tool that allows marketers to gather immediate user insights regarding your website and product.

10) Think With Google

Cost: Free
Provides marketers with a tool to gather data from broad and specific trends, categories, and other valuable insights across various industries, platforms, and audiences.

11) TypeForm

Cost: Free for Basic, $35/month for Pro, $59/month for Pro+
TypeForm provides a different way of getting feedback from your audience, prioritizing the audience’s experience in multiple, customizable features for your marketer team.

12) UberSuggest

Cost: Free
A research tool for gathering keyword and content data for marketers. Type in a keyword and UberSuggest will give you a plethora of insights ranging from seasonal trends, volume, to cost-per-click, among many others.

13) Userlytics

Cost: Starts at $99 per participant for the custom project plan
A tool for usability testing mobile apps, videos, display ads, and many more. It makes use of screen recordings and webcam recordings of the user’s facial features during the interaction to give you a better understanding of the context of use.




Graphic design has a key part to play in capturing your audience’s attention. Creating great visuals may be intimidating to those with no background in design, so here’s some good news.

Below, we’ve gathered several easy-to-use tools:

14) Adobe Spark

Cost: Starts Free with basic functions, the premium plan (CC Photography) costs $498/month
Adobe Spark is a collection of three web or mobile apps, Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. It’s a tool for marketers looking to easily create graphics, webpages, and videos in a multitude of themes.

15) Bootstrap Studio

Cost: $29 for the Standard Version, $60 for the Lifetime Version
A website-building tool that makes use of the Bootstrap framework for fast and easy responsive web pages.

16) Canva

Cost: Starts free, then $12.95/month per team member for Canva Work
A graphic-design tool website that uses a drag-and-drop format interaction and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. It can be used by either non-designers as well as professionals for both web and print media design and graphics.

17) ColorZilla

Cost: Free
A color picker tool to help you easily get the color from a webpage or web graphic.

18) Marvel App

Cost: Starts free, $48/month for Team, Enterprise plan varies
A collaborative design platform where teams can wireframe, prototype, design and create design specs, all in one place.

19) Piktochart

Cost: Starts at $12.50/month for Lite Version, $82.50/month for Pro Team Version
An infographic, flyer, or presentation design tool marketers can use to easily create their visuals.

20) UnSplash

Cost: Free
A repository of beautiful, free images a marketer can use for their visuals.

21) Wistia

Cost: Starts free, to $99/month for Pro account, varies for Advanced account
A video hosting platform that lets you host your videos on your website using a responsive player free from any intrusive ads. It also provides video analytics and key metrics for your use.



It’s all about creating and maintaining a constant communication with your audience, so it’s imperative that campaigns avoid one-sided interactions.

Thanks to advancements in softwares for notifications, automated email systems and chatbots, you don’t even have to know how to write lines of code to build your own engagement system.

Here’s a list of options for the dynamic marketing teams:

22) Active Campaign

Cost: $7/month for the Lite version, $229/month for the Enterprise version
An engagement tool marketers can use to interact with their market audience throughout the user journey, either through email marketing, marketing automation, messaging, and more.

23) ManyChat

Cost: Starts free and price scales according to needs
A tool that makes use of a visual drag and drop builder, making it easy and fast to setup your Facebook Messenger bot.

24) PushEngage

Cost: $29/month for the Pro version, $99/month for Business version
A mobile and web push notifications tool to retarget website visitors based on their actions.





As you get your campaigns up and running, the next area of focus would be analysing the floodgate of data – how do you dissect and make use of these numbers?

With the onset of analytics tools, teams can analyze campaign numbers and determine their effectiveness, reach, and many other factors affecting the campaign. Here are few tools available online for the data-driven marketer team.

25) AdStage

Cost: Plans start from $1048/month to $1748/month, Enterprise plan cost varies
A tool for marketers working with pay-per-click ads management and automation. AdStage allows marketers to easily visualize, analyze, and report their pay-per-click campaigns.

26) Ahrefs

Cost: Trial starts at $7 for seven days, $99/month for the Lite version, $399/month for Advanced Plan
A tool for marketers to determine and measure keyword performance metrics such as backlinks, organic search, rank tracking, and more.

27) App Annie

Cost: Starts free and then price scales according to need
This tool gives marketers an easy-to-use platform for running every stage of an app business, including, but not limited to app metrics such as revenue, downloads, etc.

28) App Store Search Ads

Cost: Varies
Search Ads is an ads management tool that marketers can use to help people easily and efficiently discover your app on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad.

29) Buffer

Cost: Starter Plans start free, Business Plans start at $99/month
A social media management platform that helps marketing teams to automate scheduling of posts, analyze post performance, and manage all their accounts.

30) Buzzsumo

Cost: $79/month for the Pro Version to $499+/month for Enterprise Version
A social media analytics tool that comes with a social media search engine that helps marketers discover and analyze the trending performing content related to an identified niche.

31) Facebook Ads

Cost: Varies
A tool for marketers to create and run campaigns using simple, self-serve functions, and be able track their performance with easy-to-read reports on a social media platform seeing 2 billion active users per month.

32) Facebook Analytics for Apps

Cost: Free
A tool that can get breakdowns by campaign for app installs and in-app conversions in the Facebook network. Additionally, you can also measure lifetime value and retention by ad campaign, or ad set.

33) Facebook Audience Insights

Cost: Free
Audience Insights looks at trends about your current or potential customers across Facebook, using key anonymous and aggregate information such as demographics and page likes.

34) Google Adwords

Cost: Varies. Starts free until someone clicks on your ad
A PPC Online Advertising management platform leveraging the power of the Google network. Marketers can choose to use either text-based ads, graphic display ads, Youtube Video ads, or mobile in-app ads, all in one trackable platform.

35) Google Analytics

Cost: Free
A website analytics tool that marketers can use to gather pertinent data about their site visitors and interactions.

36) Google Data Studio

Cost: Free, currently in beta version
A dashboard and reporting tool that helps marketers transform their data into appealing and informative reports. It is currently in the beta stage.

37) Google Trends

Cost: Free
A search trends tool that shows how often a given search term is entered into Google’s search engine relative to the search engine’s total search volume over a specified period of time.

38) Hootsuite

Cost: $19/month for Professional version to $599/month for Business version
Social media management platform providing a platform for marketers to measure social media marketing and engagement metrics. Also offers a social listening function that allows marketers to keep track of the buzz of certain keywords, hashtags, and locations.

39) HotJar

Cost: Personal plans start free, Business plans start at $89/month, Agency plans vary
HotJar is a tool for marketers to gather, visualize and analyze their website visitors’ behavior, thoughts and interactions. It also offers a visual heat map function so you can understand what users click on, where they linger and what else they do on your site.

40) HubSpot Content Strategy Tool

Cost: $800/month for the Professional Version to $3200/month for the Enterprise Version
A content management tool that helps marketers refocus their SEO performance in terms of their overall marketing strategy and implementation.

41) HubSpot Social Inbox

Cost: $800/month for the Professional Version to $3200/month for the Enterprise Version
A social media tool inside the expansive HubSpot platform that can help marketers publish content, monitor contacts and important keywords, and discover social media ROI.

42) Iconosquare

Cost: Pro plan starts at $29/month, Advanced plan starts at $59/month
An Instagram and Facebook engagement analytics and management platform for marketers looking to grow initiatives in two of the most visited social media platforms in the world.

43) LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Cost: Free
An analytics platform for your LinkedIn page that can evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of your updates, posted videos, as well as your followers’ and visitors’ demographics and LinkedIn behavior.

44) Moz

Cost: $99/month for the Standard plan, to $999/month for Premium plan
An all-in-one SEO management tool for marketers looking to specifically focus on link building, site audits, keyword research, and page optimizations.

45) Ryte

Cost: $107/month for the Basic Suite plan, Business plan cost varies
Ryte is a website quality management platform that tracks the overall SEO and links performance of a website and adjust these accordingly depending on their target audience.

46) SEMrush

Cost: $99.95/month for Pro to $399.95/month for Business plan
A marketing analytics tool providing SEO, ads, and social media metrics management in one platform.

47) Serpstat

Cost: Starts at $19/month for Personal plans to $299/month. For Business plans, it starts at $499/month to $2500/month
A SEO, PPC, and content marketing platform tool that primarily offers search engine optimization services, such as keyword research and backlink analysis.

48) SimilarWeb

Cost: $499/month for the Essentials plan, Premium plan cost varies
A competitive intelligence tool that marketers can use to gather and determine web traffic metrics both for your site and your competitors.

49) Twitter Analytics

Cost: Free
Another analytics platform that tracks your brand’s Twitter activity. The tool gives marketers the ability to discover and explore follower’s demographics, interests, and other Twitter behavior.

50) Yandex Metrica

Cost: Free
Google’s Russian equivalent. Yandex’s analytics tool helps marketers gain an understanding of the European market trends, behaviors and advertising performances.


Source: Techinasia

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