Website updates you must consider to drive your website’s success this 2019

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Is your website in the best position to have its best year yet this 2019?

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If you’re thinking “heck no!” or are unsure, then you’re in a bit of a problem. With a new year comes new technologies and even more security threats to websites big or small. You need a website that will effectively promote your products, services, or idea and help you get the right clients. Otherwise, having this powerful marketing tool won’t matter.

Owning a website isn’t sufficient if it’s not working towards your goal. These days, there’s an endless number of brands and businesses competing for people’s attention, which is why it’s vital to invest time and effort into it.

For the year 2019, here are some of the most important updates you need to consider for your website before everything else. Check it out.


A new website design (if yours isn’t memorable & not standing out)

Are you in an industry where websites look generally the same? Get out of the ordinary and stand out, be memorable to stay ahead of your competition. Refreshing your site’s look can work towards generating a lasting impression. Get that “trendy and successful” vibe by having a stunning and well-executed website complete with fresh content and great functionality.

Stay ahead of the game by providing clients and fans with a reason to discuss your site and new offering. This is a fantastic way to bring a new perspective to your website that will convert visitors into clients.


Updated theme and technology

Theme and technology are factors that can greatly affect your visitors’ experience while browsing your website. Functionality can suffer if you go ahead and use “old school is cool” technique for your site. Since the internet and digital world continue to evolve, web standards will also shift each year, which give rise to new tools and technologies for creating a good website. Your clients’ tastes and preferences constantly shift as well. What was trendy yesterday may not be tomorrow? For your business to succeed, you must be flexible with your approach and website.


If your website was built years ago, most likely it will be behind both in terms of looks and functionality. Outdated codes can slow downloading speed or may not respond flawlessly on different devices (if it’s mobile friendly in the first place). Technology-wise, since around 2-3 years ago most website and theme providers have vastly improved their platforms and provide better tools for building and managing websites.





New hosting to speed up and boost website security

You should aim for your website to load under 5 seconds. You can use tools like Pingdom or GTmetrix to see how long it takes for your site to load, as well as check files that are causing trouble. Poor results mean some tweaking since this can be caused by a number of reasons, including unoptimized images, an old, poorly performing theme, or most likely, underpowered hosting.


Any website can be hacked, to be honest, especially those that use unreliable hosting. This is painful, more so when you lose vital data, or/and have to create everything from scratch. Older websites typically use older technology, which makes security breach more prevalent.

If you’re worried about investing too much if you shift to another web host – Don’t. It’s certainly possible to find an affordable web hosting provider like Crazy Domains that don’t skimp on crucial features your website will need for the year ahead.

Bottom line here, if it’s been a while since you’ve built or updated your site, then the time is ripe to start looking for website design inspiration, fresh template, and a more reliable web host to make this year the best yet for your business.

Investing on your website’s update is the best way to reduce security concerns and will only work to make your visitors more loyal and turn leads into profit. Best of luck!


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