How to Be a Successful Business Owner Using Top4 Local SEO Marketing

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Local SEO marketing connects your business to real-world communities. It’s a bridge to the places where consumers live, work, and make the most of their purchases. And there’s more competition than ever. Top4 Local Marketing provides that bridge where local people find a local business in the area. Take Top4 service to make your business effectively reach consumers in your area.


1. Local search marketers must be unique and versatile to succeed.

Local search is a broad field that’s constantly growing and changing, challenging marketers to keep up. Top4 Marketing Service will make sure that your business will be versatile and keep updated to today’s standard. No matter what kind of business they work for, today’s marketers need both the big picture, relating to customers in the area — as well as the details like questions submitted on a Google Knowledge Panel.

2. Customers don’t understand local search.

Today’s marketers need more than great tactics; they need to learn to be excellent communicators. Getting clients on board with strategies is likely to be difficult when they don’t fully understand the goals and metrics, and teaching them is getting harder as the SERPs become more complex overtime.

3.  Local SEO marketing is much more than just search.

With a lack of serious competition for Google and an increasing presence of paid results, local search marketers are broadening the scope of their work. SERPs will always be important, but marketers are now also focusing on alternative platforms like email, word-of-mouth, and real-world community building. With all local businesses focused intently on Google, the ability to see other marketing opportunities can make companies stand out more in public.


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1. Proximity affects most to local SEO rankings

How close searchers are to particular businesses at the moment they search significantly impacts whether those businesses show up in Google search results. Top4 supports local search up to 60 suburbs. That means people in a radius of 60 suburbs who looks for a specific business type that matches your business, will likely to find you as their choice. Unfortunately, short of moving a store to a more populated area, this isn’t a factor companies can control.

2. Nearby results can be terrible experiences for searchers

When someone searches for pizza, they might travel a little farther for a higher-rated slice. By using Top4, your business will be on the first page of Google with positive review ratings since Google’s emphasis on proximity, though, the top results often favor location over quality. The majority of consumers are seeing little farther businesses location outranking closest ones simply because of their bad reviews.

3. Investment in SEO paid off

Marketers who don’t know much about SEO are often skeptical of its value, so statistics like this are reassuring. The more people devoted full-time to SEO, the better the observed results of the August 1st algorithm update. This was true for both in-house marketers and agencies.

4.  Google is becoming your source of information

Google now displays more information and enables transactional activity within their own interface, so searchers increasingly have no need to click through to a local business’s website. There’s strong agreement that these efforts are impacting local businesses.

5.  Local businesses are using Google Knowledge Panel to affect rankings


The Knowledge Panel shows up in search engines as a large card to the right of the rest of the results. It’s present on roughly 40% of searches these days and is especially prevalent in local search results. This is where a business’s hours, address, phone number, and more show up, which is included Top4 Local SEO program to help searchers find their business. About half of marketers are using Google Knowledge panel features like Posts and Q&A to affect their rankings; the other half of the spectrum aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity to increase exposure.

6.  Positive reviews impact local rankings

There’s overwhelming agreement (91%) that Google reviews impact Google local pack rankings. Reviews need to be understood as a wide variety of nuanced signals, including ratings, positive/negative sentiment, recency, the presence of keywords in review text, and more. Local search marketers need to consider all aspects of reviews in their campaigns. By using Top4, your business will be on the first page of Google with positive review ratings that will get you leads from your local area.


(Business Goals, Success Measurement, Training)

1.  Businesses are now focused on conversions and revenue

Digital marketers may have taught clients to focus too much on rankings and traffic in the past, but that looks to have changed. 66% of clients and agencies now care most about conversions and revenue.

2.  Lack of training for Local SEO

Marketers know the value of training, and nearly two-thirds of them say they’re not getting the high-quality training and resources they need to excel in local SEO.

3.  Top strategies are all over the map, lacking clear best practices

In a field where versatility is key to success, we see a remarkable spread of priorities for local marketers. Some tactics that are hyped, like in-store tech, have very few proponents. This paints a picture of an industry that marketers are still trying to understand, probing different strategies as they figure out what works.

4. Local marketers plan to spend more of their own time diving into organic SEO

As Google becomes more of a homepage for local businesses, marketers are committed to leveling up their presence, learning about organic SEO and Google local features. Paid ads were also a top mention, possibly in response to Google’s Local Service Ads program and other pay-to-play local SERPs.  

5.  Many businesses lack full-time SEO staff to handle the rankings

SEO is a mission-critical function for effective marketing, and there are still many local businesses — even large ones — that are failing to fully incorporate its benefits into their strategies. SEO is quickly evolving, and with local factors playing a role in traditional search results, local SEO is more important than ever. With many competitors out there, Top4 will make sure that your business is always on the first page of google.

6.  Small businesses aren’t applying SEO optimization on their marketing

Even small local businesses can see outsized benefits with sufficient attention to their presence in search results. While many of them work with small marketing teams in more general roles, it’s important that they include SEO in their tactics, and nearly one in five isn’t applying the necessary resources.

7. Small businesses are more likely to take a short-sighted approach

It’s good to see that most companies are prioritizing revenue and conversions over rankings. Showing up prominently in search results is important, but it’s a means to an end, and prioritizing rankings above all else signals a short-sighted approach. With that said, nearly twice as many small businesses fall prey to that line of thinking as larger companies. This signals a lot of opportunity in educating small businesses about the best approaches to SEO.



(Emphasis Area)

1. Local businesses overlook link building

One-third of marketers have no link-building strategy, giving up that competitive advantage. The authority of a domain is related to its ability to rank in local search, so link building should never be overlooked. For those that do practice link building, content development and direct asks are their top tactics, with honorable mentions for sponsorships and event hosting/participation.

2.  A lot of businesses don’t have review management

A comprehensive review management strategy involves acquiring, monitoring, and responding to reviews, as well as fighting spam and analyzing people’s sentiment toward your brand. With a significant impact on rankings and an obvious impact on conversions, it’s clear that more companies need to pay more attention to reviews. So by using Top4, your business will be on the first page of Google with positive review ratings since Google’s emphasis on proximity.

3.  Many companies are behind in the mobile-first curve

Businesses of all sizes that haven’t made the leap to serving mobile customers will be left behind. The industry has a lot of work to do in serving mobile customers.

4. Most companies are paying Google to market their business

Whether it’s through Local Service Ads, Google Ads, or some other form of PPC, Google has pulled nearly seven in ten companies into their paid advertising products. By this time next year, the 27% who aren’t paying for space may find themselves obliged to, given the steady spread of Google’s LSA program.

5.  Email marketing is finally becoming more popular

Email marketing is consistently rated as having one of the highest returns on investment for companies of all sizes. It’s great to see this high rate of adoption.

6. Most local SEOs have tiny tool kits

Competition is stiff for developers of local SEO tools: The majority of marketers use no more than 5 products in their day-to-day work. This number may signal that there simply aren’t enough good products available for local search marketers, indicating an opportunity for new tools to fill the void.

7. Google tools rule the SEO roost

Google still doesn’t have a significant competitor in local marketing. They have successfully created not just the platform for customer journeys, but also the tools to analyze those journeys. In many ways, “local search” has become synonymous with “Google search.” 93% of respondents use Google Analytics, 76% use Google Search Console, 65% use Google My Business Insights, and 47% use Google Tag Manager — the top four tools mentioned.

To be a successful business owner with a lot of customers, you need to use and improve your Local SEO Marketing Strategy. Since for today’s standard people will likely to use their mobile phones or computer and look for things they need on Google Search. It is best to have your website on the first page of Google Search and also show good reviews from customers so that people in your area will likely to find and use your service. If you don’t have the idea on how SEO works, you can use our Top4 Local SEO Marketing program which you can find here, to boost your business company rankings on google to be easily found by your local customers up to 60 suburbs.

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