The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

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What is a sophisticated marketer?

It’s someone who understands the fundamental, unchanging principles of marketing but confidently applies them to new techniques and platforms. Sophisticated marketers call upon both technology and creativity to drive meaningful results. They make smart decisions based on insightful data analysis, deeply understand the modern buyer’s journey and know how to influence it at every stage. Sophisticated marketers are eager to try new things and learn new skills—but equally committed to testing effectiveness and optimizing for what works. They recognize social media and content marketing as essential elements within their integrated marketing strategies—core to building their brand and growing their business. We originally launched The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn in January 2014 to answer the questions we kept hearing marketers ask. Marketers like you wanted to know how to advertise on LinkedIn, how to sponsor content on LinkedIn and build an effective content strategy through the LinkedIn platform—and, just as importantly, how to build your own personal brand. Each year the guide has provided sophisticated marketers with everything they need to know about marketing on LinkedIn to increase awareness, influence perception, generate leads, and ultimately drive revenue. The guide is one of the most successful pieces of content in LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ history, downloaded more than a million times and translated into six languages. With each new edition, it evolves to reflect the growing sophistication of the modern marketer along with the new products and features from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we update the guide each year to keep it fresh and relevant.

We believe that successful content marketing happens when you earn and retain the attention of your audience. Sophisticated marketers everywhere gave us a chance when they picked up the first edition of the guide in 2014. And we’d like to think that we earned the right for them to return to our guide by making sure it informs, it inspires, and it offers insights and ideas they wouldn’t have found anywhere else. It’s a testament to the sophisticated marketers we are lucky to call our own, starting with Jason Miller who originally conceived of The Sophisticated Marketer’s brand and the rest of our global content marketing team. Just as marketing has changed a lot since 2014, so has LinkedIn. We’ve added powerful new marketing solutions, new ways to buy ads, and new capabilities for publishing content, targeting marketing activity, and tracking the reach, engagement and ROI that you generate. In 2019, there are more ways to market on LinkedIn than ever before. We’ve updated our guide to help you make the most of all of them.

You Can Market Yourself and Your Business On LinkedIn. Here’s Why You Should.

These days in the business world, relationships matter more than ever. People tune out irrelevant or promotional messages. But they do want to engage with companies that focus on sharing useful and relevant information and content. The companies that inform and engage aren’t just selling—they’re building relationships. LinkedIn is where, by far, the largest number of professionals gather to stay connected and informed, advance their careers, and work smarter. More than 610 million are on LinkedIn. These are the decision makers, influencers, and leaders of today and tomorrow—the people you want to target, all in one place.

Professionals are not just coming to LinkedIn in huge numbers; they’re engaging with a huge purpose. They’re coming specifically to connect to networks, brands and opportunities by engaging with high-quality content across the LinkedIn platform. This is a very different mindset and intent from other social media platforms; we’re driven by our members’ professional aspirations.

The world’s professionals come to LinkedIn for:

  • Industry News
  • Expert Advice
  • Career Training
  • Peer Insights and Recommendations
  • Content Published By LinkedIn’s 610M+ Members

LinkedIn is a platform enabling sophisticated marketers to forge relationships with these professionals. In fact, this is the first time in the history of media you can engage with the world’s professionals in one place. It’s no wonder LinkedIn has quickly become the go-to content publishing platform for marketers. Why are the world’s professionals now gathering in this one place, on LinkedIn? Because the people you’re looking to market to are just like you and me. We’re all searching for the right destinations to find the best information, and there are actually fewer places where we’re gathering in large numbers. With LinkedIn, you’re reaching a quality audience in a professional context. And, you can engage them in a very meaningful way: by sharing valuable content with products tailored to how professionals engage. By doing so, you become part of your audience’s conversations and education on the platform. All it takes is a sophisticated marketer who seizes the opportunity to engage them.

What do we mean by a sophisticated marketer?

The idea of being a sophisticated marketer comes from the transition of social media marketing from pure theory to effective use. But marketers can’t just “do” social. Now they need to produce results and actionable insights in order to prove the value of their efforts. Fortunately, we are no longer forced to take a spray-andpray approach to getting our messages heard in the noisy world of social. The technology is in place that allows us to adopt a much more refined approach— sophisticated if you will—to social media marketing, using the world’s largest professional network.

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