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Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need, simplifying the process of building and managing your video business. This tool is your secret weapon and this article is your handy user guide.

Want to manage your videos across multiple Facebook Pages? Or publish and schedule posts directly to your Instagram Feed and IGTV from your desktop? Maybe you want to check your eligibility for new features and monetization opportunities? All that is possible and so much more.

Feature Highlights

Creator Studio gives you the power to build community, grow your business, and be successful across Facebook and Instagram. You’ve already taken a tour of the tabs, so let’s dive into some of the best ways to use this tool.
First up: Click here to access Creator Studio! Now let’s get started…
Streamline publishing across Pages
Publish, schedule, and manage content across multiple Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts in one single place.
Bulk upload videos to a single Facebook Page – Uploaded videos appear as drafts in the Content Library under Posts.
Create and manage video playlists across your Facebook Pages.
Track video and monetization performance
Onboard eligible Pages to ad breaks, review monetization insights, see your monetized videos, manage block lists, and view payment-related statements. Plus, easily access eligibility stats for all our monetization products, including Ad Breaks, Brand Collabs Manager and Fan Subscriptions, as well as best practices.
View video performance insights and estimated earnings metrics for all of your Pages.
Track your total followers, understand your returning viewers, and see how long people are watching your videos. These metrics could help you figure out whether you’re creating retentive content that keeps your audience interested in seeing more or if you might need to adjust your video strategy.
Simplify engagement
Respond to Facebook and Instagram messages and comments in one place.
Unlock creative tools
Sound Collection allows you to preview, download, and use royalty-free music and sounds for your videos.

Facebook Insights Highlights

Creator Studio’s aggregated insights can help you optimize your content and manage your presence more effectively. The Insights tab helps you understand your video performance, audience demographics and who’s returning to view your content each week.
See video performance aggregated across Pages and dive into the details. Select one of the metrics to display Top videos and Top Pages.
Insights include:
  • Opportunities: Suggestions to help grow your video business.
  • Video Views: 1-minute and 3-second views.
  • Engagement: Clicks, likes, shares and comments on your posts.
  • Minutes Viewed: Total number of minutes your videos have been viewed, including which videos your audience is watching for the most time.
  • Net Followers: Total audience growth over time.

Loyalty metrics

For each of the following insights, hovering over the chart will show specific metrics.
1. Follower Activity: see how many people have followed or unfollowed you over the selected time period.
2. User Retention: see how many viewers from a previous week are returning the current week to view your videos.
3. How long are people watching?
  • Track the number of unique video views for 3-second, 1-minute, and completed videos for the selected time period
  • Understand when your viewers are dropping off when watching your videos over the selected time period.


Age and gender
  • View the age and gender of your engaged viewers, viewers, and followers compared to the previous 7-day or 14-day period.
  • Toggle to the line chart view to filter by any combination of age and gender.
  • Countries: The top locations your engaged viewers, viewers, and followers watch your videos in.
  • Language: The top languages your engaged viewers, viewers, and followers prefer to use.
  • Interests: Other interests your engaged viewers, viewers, and followers have on Facebook.
  • Pages Your Audience Likes: The Pages your engaged viewers and followers also like or follow.
  • Videos Your Audience Is Watching: Popular videos on Facebook that your engaged viewers, viewers, and followers are watching.
  • When your followers are on Facebook: The hour, day, or a combination of both which reflects when your followers use Facebook on any device in a given week.


Use this section to understand how your content is monetizing and how earnings are trending over time. Get to know key metrics like 1-minute video views, and your monetizable view RPM (payout for every 1000 one-minute views) so you can maximize your earnings.

Instagram Insights Highlights

For each of the following insights, hover over the charts in Creator Studio to view specific metrics.

  • This set of insights measures the number of actions people have taken on your account over the last 7 days, including profile visits and the number of taps on your website, email, and more.
  • Accounts Reached: The number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts over the last 7 days (hover over the chart for daily metrics).
  • Impressions: The total estimated number of times all of your posts have been seen compared to the previous 7 days.


  • Followers: The number of new followers you have gained over the last 7 days.
  • People who Unfollowed: The number of people who have stopped following your account over the last 7 days
  • Net Followers: The difference between the number of people who have followed and unfollowed your account over the last 7 days
  • When your followers are on Instagram: The day, hour, or a combination of both which reflects when your followers use Instagram on any device in a given week.
  • Age and gender of your followers: View the age and gender of your engaged viewers and compare those insights to the previous 7-day or 14-day period (display by age, gender, or a combination of both).
  • Countries and cities: The top countries and cities where your followers are located.
Feed Publishing
For the first time, you can publish and schedule Instagram feed posts and IGTV videos directly from your desktop.
Note: In order to access Instagram publishing in Creator Studio, make sure your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook Page and has been converted to either a Creator or Business account. Then, simply follow these steps:
1. Post info
  • Create your caption and add a location.
  • The countdown feature allows you to see how many characters and hashtags you’re able to include in your caption.
2. Select your media
  • Upload a single video, photo, or carousel
3. Post to Facebook
  • Cross-post to your Facebook Page to reach more of your audience
4. Publish
  • Publish your post now, or schedule content up to 6 months in advance
IGTV Publishing
1. Create your post
  • Upload a vertical or horizontal video and add a title, description, hashtags, and mentions.
2. Add a cover image
  • Select a cover image from the video, or upload a custom image.
3. Choose where your post will appear
  • Cross-post the entire video to your Facebook Page and/or feature a 1-minute preview on your Instagram feed.
4. Publish
  • Publish your post now, or schedule content up to 6 months in advance

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