Your LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan

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Each of the following 7 features that play a pivotal role in how we’re meeting your specific content marketing objectives on LinkedIn—from brand awareness, relationship building to generating higher quality leads. Take a quick deep dive into each and learn how we’ve invested in these to drive optimal results for our business.

  • Pages: What should I share and how can I boost engagement?
  • SlideShare: What kind of content stands out and how often should I upload?
  • Groups: How can I foster a community and spark conversations?
  • Publishing: Which types of posts will help me build my personal brand?
  • Sponsored Content and Direct Sponsored Content: What’s the difference and how should I track results? (Now includes Video Ads and Carousel Ads!)
  • Sponsored InMail: When is this the right tool to use, and how can I compose messages that resonate?
  • Text Ads: Which CTAs work best, and how often should I refresh ad copy?


Let’s start with 4 planning basics to set you up for content marketing success:

1. Delegate

Ensure you have someone (or a group of people) dedicated and held responsible for each of your channels.

2. Follow brand guidelines

Maintain open lines of communication with your brand team to ensure your content reflects a consistent look, voice, and tone. Consider creating content guidelines which your team and other regional and vertical teams can follow.

3. Look beyond your team to source content

Everyone loves a solid cross-functional partner. Encourage a steady stream of content from all regions and verticals. Also, going back to delegating above assign someone as the gatekeeper of content across channels.

4. Build an editorial calendar

Based on your objectives, fill your calendar with a variety of top, mid and lower funnel content to help you engage your audience and achieve your goals.


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