How to List Your Business on a Google Service Areas Page

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An “Areas Served” or “Service Areas” or “Cities” or “Locations” page doesn’t get much consideration in the local SEO world, and that’s a shame. If done right, a Google service areas page can rank for some juicy terms, help other pages to rank, make the site structure simpler for others putting up their listings, help people navigate your site, and impress would-be customers.

But what exactly is a Google Service Areas page? 

“Service Areas”-type page is like a “Location Finder” page, except it’s more for service-area businesses that travel to most customers (rather than have customers visit a bricks-and-mortar location). Most often it’s for a home-based business – or one with one physical location – that serves customers in a wider area (like within a 30-mile radius, for example).

Even more so than your typical “Location Finder” page, the average Google Service Areas page is pretty feeble, because it’s hard to know what you should put on it, other than a big ugly list of cities you serve.  The result is those pages usually have all the charm and appeal of a rubber glove factory.

The competitive bar is low, yet you have a lot to gain by listing your business on a “Service Areas” / “Areas Served” / “Cities” page right. How can you do that, though? And what are the benefits for your business?


1. One-stop content hub for visitors 

A good Google Service Areas page has lots of content on the places where the business has done jobs, effective location-based “near me” optimization, internal links to relevant “city” pages, and relevant photos and videos. This makes such pages, when done right and well, a content hub for its visitors – because they can find examples on whatever search term they are looking for. For example “restaurant in XXXX suburb”.

Google service areas page

A “Service Area” page for local businesses, for one, provides its visitors with businesses near them selling products or services they might need.


2. Become nearby and effective solutions for site visitors’ problems or needs

Typically, a Google service areas page targets and seemingly ranks in a variety of cities and towns surrounding the main focus (for example, Australia-wide). Therefore, when potential site visitors do a quick search on Google using terms such as “carpenters near me” or “carpenters [area name]”, the said “service areas” page will lead them to a business related to the search term.

Wouldn’t you like it for your business to be listed on such conditions? Needless to say, a Google service areas page could increase your leads and sales when you have what the site visitors need!


3. Get found more easily on Google

As mentioned above, a “service areas” page targets and ranks for “near you” / “near me” or “near [city]” search terms, and to do so, they need constant page optimisation – and to do it well.

Google service areas page

Think of it this way. Having your own website is fine; however, when you’re just starting, it might be better to list your business on an already well-optimised Google service areas page that could even optimise your listing for you on a daily/weekly/monthly basis specifically, which makes it easier for your business listing to be found – and rank high – on Google.


4. Simpler, more professional looking listing page

Managing your own website is not the easiest job in the world – especially when you are so busy running your business as a business owner. That’s where “service areas” pages come in. 

All you have to do is fill out some information about your business, and voila! – your business is online on their “service areas” page’s listing for people to see.

Google service areas page

Additionally, a good Google service areas page already has a template that works; there’s no need to worry that your business listing will look sloppy or unprofessional. They’ve got your back!


5. Your online reputations – all in one page

As a consumer yourself, have you ever looked up reviews for a shop or service provider before actually doing business with them? Chances are, that’s what your potential customers do, too! Then, as a business owner, have you ever had difficulties managing the reviews for your business? Because of course, you would want to emphasize on the good reviews, which could also increase your leads and sales.

Google service areas page

Rather than having all the reviews scattered all over the place, unorganized, a Google service areas page for businesses usually has one specific page in that listing for reviews. Therefore, potential customers could immediately see what others say about your business – all the more so if they’re great! They can even leave a review for your business!


These benefits are just the tip of a huge iceberg. There are way more benefits of a Google service areas page than this article can cover. So if you haven’t listed your business on one of those “service areas” pages, now might be a great time to reconsider!

Which leads you to another important question – where and how should you list your business?

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Google service areas page

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