The Ultimate Top4 Ways to Writing Blog Posts that Rank in Google’s Top 10

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Blogging is crucial for every web business to progress in the digital realm. But what most people forget is the fact that blog posts require frequent updating. Competition fumes up every day in the blogging world, making it very difficult for websites to survive. A great deal of pressure is on marketers that require publication of blogs that are crisp, unique, and updated as well. More or less successful blogging requires only one thing, and that is “consistency.” Without consistency, your content is just like a piece of plastic floating on the surface of the ocean, just lying there without any purpose, like garbage. Blogging is more like an inbound strategy aimed at generating more qualified leads. Even studies support the fact that blogging acquires 126% more leads.


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As we move into the year 2020, it’s crucial for marketers to level up their blogging game. Old generic tactics for blogging aren’t going to work in 2020. Every New Year starts with a banging resolution, and your resolution this year should be to publish content that not only speaks for itself but leaves a significant impact on your audience search queries as well. Content that is able to speak for itself but fails to rank in Google’s top 10 isn’t going to do any good to you in the long run. All the blogs that you put forth should be able to convert into the maximum amount of leads and sales.

Here are the Top 4 ways to ensure you create content that compellingly engages your audience, driving towards more leads and sales.


1. Work on the Anatomy of the Blog Post

Every successful blog requires one thing in its initial phase, and that is creating a killer outline. Every great blog should start with a catchy yet compelling headline because that’s probably the first thing that attracts the reader’s eye. Next, always add in interesting images and infographics relevant to your topic. Then write a creative introduction. Your introduction should have the power to engage your readers quickly. The introduction is a crucial element of a blog that can either make or break your blog. It’s the only thing that will keep your audience from visiting your competitor’s website.

After you have given an outstanding introduction, highlight your main points in either a paragraph or bullet points and briefly explain them. Always give a conclusion in the end with an invitation or feedback or probably a call to action would do. Create a comment section as well, where viewers can leave comments about their experiences with your brand or ask queries.


2. Do SEO Like a Pro

On-site SEO always pays off. About 70-80% of users go for organic research and tend to ignore paid research. When you successfully optimize your page for on-page SEO, you are automatically driving more visitors to your website. On-page optimization takes two factors into consideration, and that is the content that you put in and the HTML. Three things that matter the most for on-page SEO and is the value of content, use of keywords, and the overall user experience.

Your choice of keywords in your blog content shall be overlooked from your audience perspective. Make use of online tools such as a Google AdWords keywords planner and create long-tail keywords. Insert these keywords in the headlines, the content, and in the sub-heading. But always stay mindful of keyword stuffing. Refrain from using your keywords too much and avoid putting them in the wrong places. Such practice is considered demeaning and can even cost you your page since Google tends to take down such pages.


3. Pick Out a Rich Topic

Your customers must always be your top-most priority. Also, pick out a topic that caters to your audience in a useful way. Don’t create content on topics that the internet is already filled with. Try writing on topics that are unique, informative, and inspiring in every way. The audience online craves content that is authentic and follows a genuine idea, so, always incorporate rare ideas that drive originality, concept, and offer fruitful knowledge to your readers.

Other than choosing a mind-blowing topic, also make sure of what keeps on bugging your audience. Keep reviewing comments on blog posts to see if your audience is in need of any assistance. Cater to all their search queries properly. Send them a handful of surveys every now and then to gain relevant insights and keep a follow-up on their experience with your brand. Utilize online tools such as Buzzsumo, to educate yourself on popular posts in your niche. These tips will surely help you in taking your blogs to cloud nine.


4. Insert Stats

Adding statistical information in blogs will surely, add more value. Providing evidence-based content always creates a win-win situation for both the brand and the audience. Conduct an in-depth analysis and incorporate your findings in your introduction. This will make your blog more appealing to your audience, driving them to read more as well as allowing them to keep coming back for more. It’s proven that due to short attention spans, people only read 18% of your blog posts.

Other than your audience, it also benefits Google, as Google is pretty much eager to know what kind of audience is visiting your website. It wants to gain insights on how many users have moved from your page to another, how much time they spend reading your posts, and what they think about your website in general. Thus, when you write a data-driven blog, you are creating more ways for your audience to stay hooked on your website for a longer period of time and always prefer your website, your content, and your brand over anything.


Wrapping Up

Are you ready to level up your blog post-game in Google’s top 10? Are you prepared to see your website on Google’s first page? Make sure to utilize these Top 4 ways to rank on Google and get ready to see some results!

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