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More customers research a business online; therefore, you must localise your business’s marketing strategy. But, what if you own a big brand with multiple locations? Check out our Top4 multi-location marketing solutions to help you be found by more customers!

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The way we shop has drastically changed in the last few years, even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before they make any purchase decisions, customers research businesses online. By Googling your business name or some related key phrases, they are trying to find out if your business is trustworthy, and, more importantly, if you have locations nearby.

No matter how prominent your business is, people won’t spend hours scouring the Internet to find a location near them.

They can afford to be picky because they’re now able to find the best deals at the closest businesses with the highest star rating. After all, all that information is at their fingertips and inside the phones. Basically, they’re simply a search away from finding either your business or your competitor’s.

Because of these changes, it’s vital for small businesses to keep up in today’s digital world. But, what about big brands with multiple locations across the country?

Well, small businesses aren’t the only ones who need a local digital marketing strategy to survive. You need one, too.

Here’s why:

  • 90% of sales still happen in-store, but 97% of people will research the business online first
  • 50% of consumers visit a store within 24 hours of a local search
  • Forrester predicted that 40% of in-store sales will be influenced by the Internet from 2016-2021 

That means people are looking for information online before they ever step into a store. They want to read reviews, see where your business is located, find out when the business is open and check out its social media profiles.

So, before a customer visits your store, they’re searching online. If your locations fail to show up, someone else will show up, and they will get that business.

Localising your business’s marketing strategy will make sure you can be found when consumers are looking for businesses like yours. It can also help build a dedicated audience of local consumers who want to interact with your brand.


Localising Your Multi-Location Business’s Marketing Strategy

While it might seem daunting to localise your brand’s marketing strategy without diluting your brand’s messaging, it’s possible to create a local digital marketing strategy while keeping locations brand-compliant.

Here are our Top4 steps both franchisor/corporate and local business owners can take to localise your brand’s marketing.


1. Work on your local digital marketing.

Create, claim, and optimize local business pages on Google My Business, Top4 Business Profile and important local directories.

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Acoustica Projects Newcastle - Local Digital Marketing - Top4 Marketing

Make sure each location’s NAP is consistent across directories, business pages, and social media. Inaccurate or incorrect information will cause confusion with searchers and possibly make your search ranking lower.

On Top4, our team of Web Experts will manage your Top4 Business Profile alongside Google My Business, your website and social media platforms. We make sure that all the important information about your business are always updated and consistent across platforms. Other than that, our review management system will also keep fake reviews away from your business, so that potential customers can get to know your business better.

Top4 Local Digital Marketing


2. Have a local social media strategy.

Some businesses allow each location to manage their social media pages, which can be tricky but is certainly not impossible. 

Even if you don’t want each location to post to its own Facebook page, there are steps you can take to optimise your brand’s social media for local search marketing.

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Here are a few steps you can take to localise your social media strategy:

  • Add locations to your Facebook Page so that they show up on a map in your profile
  • Give shout-outs to locations or employees
  • Remind your followers that you have multiple locations in your profile and link to the locations page on your website


3. Build location pages on your website.

On your website, you should add a page where people can find your locations and get directions.

Top4 Local Microsite is the perfect solution for that. Once you’ve added each location to our location-based marketing platform, if a local consumer is Googling “security services near me,” your Top4 Local Microsite will show up and lead them to your business.

Security Services Amberley - Specialised Security Service - Top4 Marketing

Optimise your location pages and/or microsite for local search marketing by adding your business name, address and phone number.

As a bonus, add a map or a “Get Directions” button to make it easy for people to get to your locations.

The good news is, all of those features are easily available using our unique location-based proprietary technology.


4. Get involved in local communities.

It should go without saying that if you want to be well-known in your community, you should get involved.

For instance, Starbucks allows its stores to donate products to local raffles, set up a booth at a charity event, etc. The company is notorious for doing things like supporting local businesses.

While you certainly don’t need to go all out like that, getting involved in your local community can be pretty easy. Do a quick Google search for local events and see where you can help out. This will get your name out there and make people want to buy from you if you’ve helped them out in the past.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a franchisor/corporate level employee or a local owner, there are plenty of steps you can take to put your location(s) on the map and bring in more local customers! Follow our steps and you’re on the way to a better local digital strategy for your multi-location business.

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