2021: Real Estate Agents are moving to Social Media Marketing

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Like most sectors, the real estate industry has been in grave danger due to covid-19 pandemic. It is different from many small businesses, agencies, however, are the face-to-face market.

The Evolving of Social Media Marketing Among Real State Agents

During 2020, social media is the most popular way among business people especially for real estate agents for promoting their values. Real estate has been a significant tool for older school marketing method such as print advertising which allows people to meet in person. However, nowadays agents are using social media as a platform to showcase their organizations, properties via online so that it is very important to keep maintaining social distancing, especially in this pandemic season.

A recent study done by real estate website, The Close, found that 44% of agents mentioned that they found their clients improved in 2020 since posting their properties ads on social media. In fact, the using of social media posting was second place in obtaining new listings last year was intriguing news to acknowledge.

In 2021 there are 82% agents are more interested in growing their business by engaging “improve social media presence.” Social media reigned, even over email marketing efforts.

Agents are mostly fond of social media postings this year – according to National Association of Realtors, there are about 1.4 million licensed real estate agents in America, agents have a middle range of age 55 years old. However, agents of any range of ages seem to be more into the newest platforms.

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Audio-based Social Media Can Be More Beneficial for Agents

On audio-based social media app Clubhouse, there are likely to be found dozen of real estate clubs on the app, and some have already become a member. The aptly named “Real Estate Club,” for instance, has almost 13000 followers and 7000 members. Others have equally impressive followings despite the app’s early stages.

Even TikTok, which is now being so potentially popular among Gen Z, often brings up viral and popular real estate content from agents of all ages, and Nextdoor, the hyper-local app for local neighbourhoods, provides ad options specifically for real estate agents.

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Real estate agents who are into social media success can be seen as leaders in their communities. While social media brands and influencers with huge followings tend to dominate much of the conversation, agents who invest in creating hyper-local content that resonates with their community can position themselves as market leaders.

Many agents are also interested in top video marketing trends. For example, online video maker, Animoto, features real estate agents who make hyper-local videos with their platform, which often see hundreds of shares on Facebook, with minimal ad spend.


With 44% of real estate agents grow a new client from social media postings over the last year, it is the proof that social platforms are not just a branding avenue – they can actually put the business on top of purchases.

This is the reason why more agents are investing in improving their social media presence than they are email marketing or SEO in 2021. Agents who focus on crafting hyper-local content can target prospects, and position themselves as personable experts in their area.

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The pandemic has given a huge impact for agents so that they prefer to show what they’re doing for their clients and their listings virtually on social media rather than by email marketing. However, it’s obvious social media has staying power – and with agents of all ages succeeding on even the trendiest of platforms, there really are no excuses for the agents to not taking huge advantage of social media as their platform to grow their business.

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