7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Help Your Franchise Business Grow

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To expand your franchise business and grow your customer base around the globe, focusing on the right digital channels can make all the difference. Digital marketing covers a broad umbrella of different strategies and techniques, each complementing each other.

Consumers looking for new companies with whom to conduct business will turn to a digital platform. It’s important that your franchise is featured prominently on the platforms where your customers will turn. As a franchise owner, the trends continue to change.

What aspects should you be focusing on? How can you reach more customers and grow your brand of the franchise? How are you going to stand out in a crowded marketplace? You have to move faster, produce more value, and add quality to your brand that generates trust. The goal is to get your message across without being disruptive.
The more integrative your campaign, the better your franchise will perform. Here are seven trends you need to pay attention to as you set up or adjust your digital marketing strategies.

1. Mobile

Your audience is using a mobile device. Across the globe, more searches are taking place on mobile devices, and more traffic is landing on your website. Mobile is the most important trend for now and the future of digital marketing. As a franchisee, you need to build your brand and make consumers interested in your product or service. With apps, accelerated mobile pages, and the shift to mobile, the opportunities for success start with mobile marketing.

2. Facebook advertising

More than any paid channel online, Facebook advertising will drive more value for your franchise. Facebook continues to grow, and with the options to filter down to meet your target audience, your ads will be in front of the eyes you want. Facebook solutions continue to grow, and your ability to deliver unique marketing on Facebook is crucial in reaching your targeted franchisees.

3. A full content marketing approach

Content can be the most important part of your digital strategy when used correctly and appropriately. The internet is flooded with content, so it takes a concerted effort to hold your head above water. Produce real content that serves your buyers. From content on the site to social content to emails, blogs, infographics, and video, a complete content approach helps your franchise stand out.

4. Email marketing

Still the most effective form of communication for all business owners, including franchisees, email helps your brand stay front of mind. Keep in mind that your customers are sorting through a crowded inbox, so be sure that your subject line will capture their attention. Use a mobile responsive design and leverage customer behaviour by keeping the conversation going. Be sure to speak the language of your audience, writing targeted content and using enticing call-to-action to drive results. Email remains one of the simplest ways you can establish trust, keep customers aware of news and events, and increase your sales by conveying your message creatively.

5. Personal interaction fuels relationships

Your consumers want personal interaction. To help your franchise connect with consumers, more personal exchanges are occurring through numerous industries. Whether it’s marketing automation, chatbots, or one-on-one private messaging on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, any personal interaction between brands and consumers adds to the trust factor. With this personal interaction over digital channels, content performance and your overall marketing campaign will be more directly measured. Establish a relationship and connection to drive sales and increase conversions.

6. Local search and the rise of voice search

As you look to grow your branch of the franchise, local search plays a vital role. You want customers in your area to find your branch. Optimizing your website for local customers helps you get found in the carousel, knowledge panel, and answer boxes that appear at the top of search results. As searches for “near me” and voice search are on the rise with digital assistants like Google Home, Alexa, and Siri, if your franchise is optimized locally, you’re ahead of your competition. Digital marketing strategies to win online begin with local search for your franchise. As your customers are asking Google and other search engines where to find companies like yours, you need to direct them to your website. Make that happen by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and anticipating how they’ll be searching for your company. Then, optimize your website for those searches and make sure your on-page SEO is set up properly.

7. The power of video

We live in a visual world. Our customers engage and interact with video content more regularly and more often than traditional written content. If you can showcase your franchise through video content, you’ll extend your reach and increase interactions. The rise of live video streaming on social platforms captures the attention of your customers, and if you have a compelling message, live streaming strengthens relationships. Use video content to educate, entertain, and inform. Show behind-the-scenes of your company, and include special announcements. Produce videos that help your brand get noticed. Video marketing will continue to grow, and if your franchise branch utilizes video through the next couple of years, you’ll create a unique brand experience for your customers.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing. There are going to be new trending topics and new strategies to consider on a regular basis. It takes an integrated approach and covering all the bases to take a franchise to the next level. You want to develop your brand and increase your customer base. From SEO to paid digital advertising to social media and content marketing strategies, put your best marketing foot forward and track progress to make adjustments. If you’re a master franchisee and are looking to expand your business for further success, leverage your digital platforms and grab the attention of your customers. Know your customers, take the right approach, and jump over the hurdles of your competition to build a world-class franchise.

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