Local SEO Dos and Don’ts For Small Businesses

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SEO, or search engine optimization, involves a number of techniques that make your brand more visible in web searches. When you properly optimize your website and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, you’ll be able to level the playing field — even if your business is on the smaller side. here are just a few Local SEO dos and don’ts you’ll want to follow if your goal is to get more traffic and improve rankings for your small business website.

Local SEO Dos and Don’ts For Small Businesses

Reputable white label SEO companies typically recommend that small businesses utilize local optimization tactics in order to stand out. Executed properly, these methods can make it easier for you to reach your target customers and show up more prominently in search results that display nearby solutions.

Still, SEO is never a free-for-all. You’ll want to adhere to Google’s best practices to minimize risk and maximize returns. To that end, here are just a few dos and don’ts you’ll want to follow if your goal is to get more traffic and improve rankings for your small business website.


  • Leverage the Power of GMBGMB, or Google My Business, is a free platform that allows you to list a ton of helpful information about your organization. This can make it easier for potential customers to get quick answers to their questions or contact you directly without delay. Claiming your GMB listing and updating it can allow you to show up more prominently in search results, too. You might even appear in the “map pack!” If you haven’t yet started using GMB, put this at the top of your local SEO to-do list.

Local SEO Dos and Don’ts For Small Businesses

  • Create Service Area Landing Pages: As far as on-site optimizations, there are a number of different local SEO steps to take. But creating separate landing pages for all of the local areas you service should be a priority. This can provide you with an opportunity to reach customers within those specific areas and optimize with keywords more aligned with search intent. Whether you have one business location or several, this technique can help your site appear in SERPs more readily.


  • Include NAP Inconsistencies: NAP (which stands for name, address, and phone number) is basic terminology for your business. It’s often used in regard to online directories, which can boost your web presence. However, this will culminate in positive developments only if you ensure your NAP is consistent across each and every platform. Even minor details in how you list your address (like “Avenue” versus “Ave,” for example) can confuse search engines. While they’re getting better at recognizing context all the time, you should take care to list everything the exact same way across all platforms. This can eliminate any barriers that might otherwise hinder your SEO efforts.
  • Mess Up Your Review Management: Online reviews are now just as impactful as personal recommendations. Generating online reviews should be an important part of your local SEO strategy. But you’ll also need to manage your reviews in the right way if you want to bolster your brand perception. Make sure to respond to reviews promptly and in a way that showcases your customer service skills. Don’t try to delete or discredit honest reviews; instead, illustrate how dedicated you are to making things right. Not only might you save an existing relationship, but you can highlight exactly why others should support your business, too. Plus, having more reviews will help your traffic and overall online visibility.

It can be difficult for small business owners to reach the right customers. But having a local SEO strategy can help drive traffic and increase conversions. By keeping these dos and don’ts in mind, you’ll be able to get the most out of your efforts and avoid some of the most common mistakes.

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Local SEO Dos and Don’ts For Small Businesses

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