Top4 Digital Marketing Tips to Do to Help Your Business Grow

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Entering the new era where everything is mobile and digital, people start to think of how exactly they will search and purchase products or services through online platforms. Digital is now a mandatory thing for all services and businesses company to optimize their marketing strategy.

Because, if you place yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer or consumer, do you going to buy certain products or services right away when you want to buy them?. That’s it, if you already have a reliable supplier that you use on a regular basis. But what if you’re not sure which company can provide you with what you require?.

Then, you will surely go search for it online. You search on Google, using keywords such as “Best Pizza + Suburbs ” or “Clothing store in (locations)”. In the next seconds, Google presents you with a list of businesses. About 75% of internet users never go past the first page, and they’re most likely to click on the Top 4 of the Google results. As a result, it is critical to get your company listed on Google’s first page so that your customers can find you. That’s how important the use of a marketing platform is to boosting your local service and business.

1. Boost Your Website Traffic

Managing your online service and business requires a significant amount of your time. There is a lot to do, including managing web and social media, online reviews, and Google advertisements

Digital marketing, on the other hand, enables you to identify and target a highly specific audience, as well as send personalized, high-converting marketing messages to that audience. And for that, you’ll need our assistance in Top4 in managing your online service and business via web and social media platforms.

Top4 is a world-class location-based marketing and publishing platform with full social media and GMB-Analytics Integration it now has over 55,000 Top4 – Google domain listing sign-ups via the crazy domains partnership since December 2016 – Top4 is now available in Australia New Zealand – Singapore – USA – UK – Canada and Indonesia. 

Being on Top4 will benefit any client who is a “local business” or franchise. The platform boosts your SEO efforts, and Top4 helps retain clients by assisting the website in reaching and remaining on the first page of Google – as a result, the client stays and there is less churn. Allow our professional team to assist you with your digital marketing strategy for your online service and business.

With your own dedicated website on top4, present your business in a trusted context and allow potential clients to find you more easily. Include links to your main website, social media profiles, opening hours, service areas, keywords, galleries, posts, badges, accreditation logos, additional services areas-suburbs and contact information so the world can connect with your brand across all channels. 

Adding and claiming your business on Top4 allows you to include more suburbs and keywords in your advertisement, improving your search ranking.

2. Display Your Bio and Information

The customers need to know the basic information about your business for them to buy a product from you. Add your real photos of your businesses to increase exposure to potential customers. They need to know what you are selling.

When your cafe or restaurant is listed on Top4, you can display your menu in your advertisement.

When your business is on Top4, you’ll be able to show your Photo Gallery on your Top4 advert. There, you can share your best works, products, or services!

3. Promote Your Service and Business

After the potential customers know what your business can offer, you can filter their pick of interest by offering deals and promotions that benefit your customers.

4. Add Reviews to Convince Future Buyers

Reviews are also a strong marketing tool to give your prospective customers that one last push to make their decision!

Of course, they would want to buy from a business that mostly, if not only, gets good reviews.

Top4 will provide you with genuine and verified reviews from other locals just like you! All of the reviews are monitored and managed by the team… So we’ll keep those spammy negative reviews away from your company.

Once you’ve added your business to Top4, potential customers will be able to see all of your reviews. Needless to say, this increases the likelihood of them purchasing from you or doing business with you!

To find out how we can help you with your Website + Marketing, using our unique location marketing platform called Top4, get in touch today at

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