How Measuring Your Marketing Performance Can Power Your Brand’s Online Growth

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The rise in digital customers over the last two years has kept brands on their toes as they plan for expansion. As many as 60 million new consumers have been paying for services online in Southeast Asia. This has led brands little choice but to quickly embrace e-commerce marketing and adopt digital platforms for growth, including third-party e-commerce sites.

Especially during huge sales events and the holiday shopping season, e-commerce platforms help brands in reaching out to both new and existing customers. For the leading SEA marketplace Shopee, over 75% of its users want to spend more during the year-end shopping period. Despite that, just 45% of shoppers know which brands to buy. This gives room for sellers to influence buyers in their purchase journey.

But brands couldn’t easily measure their marketing performance on marketplaces, until recently. It’s hard for them to optimise campaigns or even know whether their e-commerce tracking is working without performance data. In this article, we share how Shopee provides marketers with data that would help them make better-informed decisions in their e-commerce advertising campaigns to boost online growth.

Tracking conversions across retail platforms

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Shopee was one of the first marketplaces to adopt Google’s Retail Partnerships with Google Ads program. Because of this, Shopee has enabled brands to have data at their fingertips and know how their Google Ads campaigns are impacting sales on the shopping platform. Armed with these performance insights, brands have been able to quickly optimise their ad campaigns for greater online growth. Already, more than 2,000 brands across Southeast Asia have leveraged this feature for a first-mover advantage in driving marketplace sales.

One of these brands is L’Oréal. The beauty company became the first in Thailand to pilot Google Ads with Shopee via the campaign “Acne Super Brand Day.” Together with Shopee, the company captured high-intent consumers across three of its beauty brands: La Roche-Posay, Vichy and CeraVe, by driving traffic directly to the Shopee store for each brand.

The L’Oréal team ran Google Shopping ads that leveraged Shopee’s product feed to reach people who were browsing and ready to buy. When Shopee users clicked on a CeraVe ad, for example, they were brought directly to CeraVe’s official store on Shopee Mall to make their purchase. This linked the ads to e-commerce performance data, giving the team direct insight into what triggers conversions along customers’ purchase journeys. In turn, the brand was able to use the data to optimise its ad campaign performance. The pilot helped L’Oréal attract 2.7X more traffic across Shopee stores for all three brands and receive 2.8X more orders during the “Acne Super Brand Day” event.

Improving campaigns with performance data and automation

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Brands can also use Shopee’s Performance Report to analyse their store metrics and ad performance beyond just conversions. The additional insights show, among others, how much marketing budget was spent, the popularity of certain products and how often shopping carts are abandoned. These enable brands to make smarter decisions that drive growth. In a 12-month period, sellers who used Google Shopping Ads with Shopee increased revenue growth by 87%.

Shopee also provides brands with automation solutions such as auto-pausing ads for items with low inventory and automatically updating product information in ads when product details change on Shopee. This means brands can save on time and effort even as they provide a better customer experience.

Shopee has enabled brands to fill a knowledge gap in their e-commerce marketing efforts. With Shopee’s plug-and-play data, insights and automation solutions, brands can now easily implement a full-funnel marketplace strategy and optimize performance to meet the growing number of online shoppers.

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