Prepare Your Local SEO for the New Year with These Trends

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SEO keeps changing every year, that is why we need to predict the trends for maximising business SEO. Discover what the latest local SEO trends in 2022 will mean for local businesses.

Search results are continually evolving to satisfy the demands of customers and create new challenges for business owners to optimise their web pages for local search results. Despite the fact that it is impossible to predict how SEO will transform in the years ahead, we can anticipate that new trends are expected to emerge and have an influence on the world of local search.

The following are seven local SEO trends that expect in 2022:

1. User Experience (UX) becomes more important next year
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The way a user interacts with your app or website is referred to as user experience (UX). An easy-to-use website will provide a great user experience, whereas an unplanned website will provide a poor or unsatisfying UX.

Google has launched the EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) concept, which contains ranking factors such as search intent, user experience, mobile-friendliness and dwell duration. A rich online experience includes all of these elements.

One of the factors that distinguish the first and second positions is the quality of the user experience. Providing visitors with a systematic user experience is always advantageous, as it encourages them to remain longer and interact more with your website. This gives favourable quality signals to Google, which displays your website as the best result. As a consequence, Google rewards you with first-place rankings.

2. Design your website that is mobile-friendly

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Mobile-friendliness has long been acknowledged as an important factor in search engine ranking, and it has been formally recognised as a ranking factor since 2015. Also, in July 2019, Google updated its algorithms to prioritise mobile-first indexing for new sites, which is now the default setting.

According to recent statistics from the World Wide Web Consortium, around 4.28 billion people use mobile phones to access the internet, accounting for roughly 90% of the worldwide internet population. If your website hasn’t been optimised for mobile devices yet, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities.

The vast majority of internet users use their mobile devices to conduct shopping research online. If they believe your website is not user-friendly enough, even for them, they will leave it immediately and never return. That’s how you lose customers and clients.

3. Create Google Busines Profile to boost local SEO

Google Business Profile (formerly GMB) has surged to the top of the local search rankings. Since Google obviously prefers to share material that it can corroborate and authenticate, Google Business Profile is the tool for assisting your company in meeting Google’s requirements.

Types of content to help your local SEO

But don’t do anything only for the sake of SEO. By getting feedback, keeping your contact information and business hours up to date, means you’re making it easy for potential customers to reach you on Google.

In addition, customers will be more interested than ever in obtaining up-to-date details because of the disruption in customer purchasing behaviour and business operations that will occur this year. If you want to be recognised in the market, Google Business Profile is essential for your business.

4. Optimise the voice search

Despite the fact that voice search was already on the rise in 2021, it is on the verge of being a game-changer for businesses looking to boost local traffic next year. It’s no secret that by 2022, technology will be everywhere. With voice searches’ shown reliability in providing what customers want, it’s becoming increasingly common practice to locate new local companies utilising this search approach.

You should also consider rearranging your material such that it reads more like a “question and answer” approach during this process. In addition, businesses should include a common questions website related to their chosen keywords in order to rank higher. It is among the most effective local SEO trends that you must consider.

5. It’s vital to have a clear search intent

local seo for search intent

Users have always been at the centre of search engines’ priorities, and user-centricity is also the most crucial distinction among big industries. Google appears to be the default search engine since it is the most user-friendly and provides the most reliable and rapid results. Then why wouldn’t your content anticipate customers’ wants and represent their search intent as well? 

Great copywriting isn’t a new concept, but marketers will need to go above and beyond to be successful in 2022. It’s not enough to grab the audience’s interest or keep them on the page for a longer period of time; SEO specialists must also understand why they are seeking a particular product or service.

Understanding why will help SEO specialists in producing superior information that is also presented in a way that customers want to know about.

There is no better place to go than Google when it comes to understanding search intent. Nobody knows search results better than Google, which serves as an aggregator of all information on the world.

The algorithm’s ability to comprehend and digest complex data is always improving and becoming more sophisticated. SEO experts should include SERP analytics into their strategies in order to guarantee that they are collecting search intent in 2022.

6. Video content continues to become more popular

Tiktok content ideas to engage more audiences

Video content may account for as much as 80% of all web traffic by the end of this year. So it is better to make an effort to increase the amount of video content on your website. You can do so if you have an old blog post that you want to make into a new interactive video.

You can create videos that are both entertaining and convenient to watch. Remember to post your video content on social media platforms as well. You can utilise social media to drive more traffic to a website, which can help your ranking climbs even higher.

7. Optimise for rich results

In Google search results, search engines display bits of information from your site, which you may see if you look closely. “Rich snippets” refer to the addition of images, location data, reviews or other additional information to these featured snippets.

local SEO for organic result

Moreover, they frequently have higher click-through rates than other search results since they give more information and differentiate themselves from other search results.

Final takeaways

The industry of search engine optimisation is becoming more difficult. As the competitive landscape evolves, advertisers must look beyond standard optimisation approaches to deploy new and inventive strategies. The first step in developing a highly scalable program is learning about local SEO trends and data that will most likely affect the year 2022.

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