Update Your Content Marketing Strategies This Year with These New Trends

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Global marketers are always changing to keep up with the world around them. If the previous two years were spent responding to an unprecedented shock, the year 2022 is about maintaining the digital acceleration, improving customers engagement and generating more leads online.

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Disruption has been a part of the digital era since its dawn, but it peaked in intensity in 2020.

The pandemic continues into 2022, and customer demands for seamless cross-channel experiences, convenience and personalisation are only increasing stronger.

Businesses must comprehend the trends and technologies that shape the market in 2022 in order to seize on growth opportunities.

1. Voice-Search optimised content

As more people use Alexa, Google Home, Siri and other non-screen search devices, the number of voice-search inquiries each month will continue to rise at a rapid rate. In fact, the global smart speaker market revenues grow to nearly 28 billion by 2022.

Product demand and advancements in technology drive market growth. Furthermore, modern customers are maturing and adapting to new technology at a faster rate than ever before. Therefore, voice-based devices and technologies are getting more normal each day, and from a customer’s perspective, voice-search is a very easy way to get one quick answer to a question.

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On the other hand, as a content creator, you must be aware of the impact this has on your work. Voice searches are more direct, requiring a quick response without additional context. With that said, you need to create content fitting the needs of a voice search. Short, quick and straight to the point.

Voice search only gives you 1 to 3 options, whereas web search gives you the option to browse the first 10 results. Thus, it becomes even more important to have your product data enriched and available to sales channels and marketplaces.

A product information management (PIM) system can help with this by ensuring that you deliver the correct product data from the right sales channel or marketplace.

2. Personalised content across multiple channels

Understanding customers and meeting them in their favourite channel allows you to personalise their experience while also engaging them where they like to engage with your business.

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You will provide various sales channels available depending on your customer niche. Even if your current customers are mostly older generations, you should look into some of the trends that are predicted in young customers’ purchasing behaviour. This younger generation will eventually become your customer.

Younger generations are more likely to easily adapt to new channels, such as social media purchases, voice assistants, virtual reality headsets and many more.

You can also provide more inclusive experiences by tailoring channels to customers. For example, did you know that 70% of sites are inaccessible to those with cognitive, visual or hearing impairments? Expanding your channel strategies to other options, like voice assistants, your business is better suited to meet various customer demands.

3. AI, automation and smart machines

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With AI, machine learning, natural language recognition, chatbots, voice assistance and other technologies, the dream of having an authentic website that generates itself on the run for each visitor based on contextual knowledge of that visitor can become a reality.

Businesses are transitioning to technology that allows machines to perform ‘in-person’ interactions. In the future, companies predict that 69% of the decisions they make during real-time customers engagement across all channels will be made by smart machines. This includes a decision on what content to create as well – topics, formats, keywords, images, etc.

We’ll start to see the benefits of an AI-driven content marketing approach in 2022. Low-ranking content pieces will be detected by AI, which will notify you of both good and bad performance. To put it another way, AI will drive us to reevaluate what we create and why we create it.

Agility and advanced automation, likely aided by AI, will be the engine of customer experience by 2030, understanding and delivering on customer expectations.

4. Content marketing = content selling

Businesses will experience a greater recognition of creating creative and interesting content in order to generate meaningful engagement with their audiences. Moreover, conversational content will be a trend that sets its foothold in the content portfolio.

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This is a trend that emerges when marketers thrive at humanising customer relationships and interactions.

In addition, new payment methods and purchase integrations will grow revenue as customers continue to explore new technologies and as we spend more of our lives digitally, allowing for improved convenience and engagement.

Content is a consistent thread throughout the sales and marketing funnel from enhancing brand awareness, driving traffic, generating leads and closing sales. In fact, the distinction between sales and marketing is becoming thinner every day. By 2022, content marketing will more likely be “content selling”. If your content isn’t driving sales, then why are you creating it?

5. Commerce content in the cookieless future

We anticipate that the tremendous expansion of commerce content will continue. Along with paywalls and advertising, this will become a well-established third revenue pillar for publishers.

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Furthermore, we anticipate an increase in creativity. Businesses have problems and limits around tracking via the use of third-party cookies in the cookie-less web world. This compelled us to consider innovative approaches to delivering relevant content to the right audience and time.

Focusing on the business visual identity and creative communications in many mediums is a good start. For example, in terms of content, we’ll experience creators, editors and publishers working with mostly textual information to make it into attractive, convincing video shopping content.


The content trends you need to look for in 2022 include more personalisation, cross-functional content, relevant formats and voice-search optimised assets, among others.

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Furthermore, you must consider how to structure and create your content in such a way that it is extremely adaptable, whether the change is due to technological advancements, audience preferences or changes in your business’ commercial offers.

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