Killer Marketing Tips to Help Your Start-up Business Grow

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Establishing a new business is always challenging, especially if you’re a start-up. Your budget is limited, you have less to no resources and the market competition is ever-increasing. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by these challenges.

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The number of problems you have to deal with increases if you add to the equation the lack of experience you may have with various online business development strategies.

So, regardless of how wonderful your services are, cost-effective your products are or how dedicated your business is, it won’t do any good until you spread your narrative loud and clear.

But, how do you achieve it? The most obvious answer to this question is to build a very effective marketing strategy. But have you already tried some of them and didn’t generate many results?

It does not mean that marketing is not worth for hefty investment. Instead, maybe you are doing it incorrectly? Or perhaps your strategies are out of date, and you need to make some significant modifications to your whole business strategy?

There’re many reasons for this. That’s why, in this post, we’ll go over several crucial current marketing strategies that you can use as a start-up business in 2022. You are reluctant to spend money on a lead that will bounce after they just land on your site.

So let’s get started.

1. Establish a referral program

There are so many contemporary and sophisticated branding strategies in the marketing business, relying on “word of mouth” appears to be one of those old-school ideas that won’t work in the modern marketing industry.

credibility factors of start-up business

It turns out that it isn’t the case! According to Forbes, in 2019, 78% of B2B marketers considered their referral program to be a great lead generator. According to the latest figures, customers obtained through recommendations have a 37% greater retention rate, as well as a 16% increase in profits.

One thing is clear from this! Referral programs are unquestionably effective, particularly for start-up businesses. But why is that? The reason is simple. People are more likely to believe a friend than a business that spends a lot of money on copywriters for the sole aim of persuasion. But don’t misconception, because excellent copywriting is important for businesses to attract prospects or existing customers online. Thus, online and offline should be balanced. 

To get the full benefit of this ninja technique, you’ll need to create a devoted fan base that believes in your products and services. And being one-of-a-kind and on top of your game are absolute musts!

Along with that, engagement strategies like free giveaways and huge sales will also help your start-up business a lot. Many start-up businesses are leveraging this marketing strategy these days, and it’s doing wonders for them.

2. Leverage video marketing

It’s difficult to ignore the impact of video marketing on start-up businesses and existing businesses if you’ve been paying attention to the most effective marketing strategies. The quantity of leads and conversions it generates is insane due to its capacity to trigger the most primal human emotions.

Tiktok content ideas to engage more audiences for start-up business

And this isn’t simply speculation. According to Renderforest’s recent statistics, 78% of businesses saw an increase in website traffic after adopting videos. Animated explanation videos are preferred by 62%.

Fifty-eight percent of users putting an explanatory video on their landing page help directly increase sales, and the stats keep growing. Apart from their emotional aspect, what makes videos so effective that modern businesses can’t help but exploit this?

The answer is simple; it’s both intriguing and explanatory at the same time. Additionally, you have a variety of styles to choose from for various products and services, all of which are equally entertaining when directed at the correct target. And Google loves videos too! So they’ll get ranked easily.

Thus, if you want to build a strong market presence and increase the chances of getting your start-up business booming, the use of video should be a primary part of your marketing arsenal.

3. Invest in content marketing

Are you starting a business and haven’t considered investing in content marketing yet? Maybe you’re losing out on a lot. One of the most successful and proven strategies to enhance brand awareness and engagement, in general, is to release relevant content to your target audience on social media and blogs.

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According to reports, businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads than those who don’t. As you can see, the difference between them is substantial, and it can significantly impact the rate of growth of your start-up business.

The key is simple. By perfectly resonating your brand narrative in it, you can give your target audience what they want. It can be a great video addressing their problems (as mentioned), a helpful how-to blog post to solve their daily problems, or a social media post promoting your new products or offers.

The point is to keep your audience engaged and post to their daily feed from time to time. The chances are that you might be providing them with something they are looking for, and the person might buy your product or service for the convenience you offer.

In other words, it’s like casting baited nets into a river. A hungry fish will rarely resist and will eventually slip into your conversion funnel. If your product or services are worthwhile, they will eventually become loyal customers.

4. Don’t underestimate offline brand promotion

Certainly, digital marketing is all the rage, and succeeding in a business without an online presence is an innocent fantasy. However, we cannot overlook the importance of offline marketing.

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Maintaining and growing your brand requires excellent interaction with your prospects and existing customers. There are many ways to ensure your start-up business does it the right way.

For instance, you can create many nicely designed business cards and brochures and distribute them to prospective customers at various networking opportunities. Moreover, visit and promote your brand and products at places where your target audience’s presence is maximum.

You can also utilise intriguing postcards to do this. It’s more fun and intimate method to communicate with people who might be interested in your products or services.

Sending gifts with each product ordered by your customers is another ninja technique of offline brand marketing. Well, yeah, it’s costly and might even seem like an easy way to run your company bankrupt before it even thrives.

However, the situation is not as simple as you might expect. A welcome gesture is always appreciated, and that’s why more than 120 companies in the US are using this strategy. This tells your customers that each of them matters.

Given that your product is outstanding, the result is expressed in satisfaction in past customers and retention of new ones. By doing this, you are developing a bond with your customers way more profound than you might think.

5. Monitor your statistics

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Throwing a stone in the dark might hit the target, but you’ll never know the process. You maybe do not know the direction you even threw the stone in. As a result, you’ll never be able to hit the spot again. The same goes for marketing.

You must conduct a statistical analysis of each component of your strategy to determine what worked and what did not. This will help you improve the currently effective strategy and tell you where you need to make changes or what to avoid.

Check on reports such as click-throughs, leads, conversions, bounce rate and anything else that relates to your marketing strategies. This will give you a clear idea about the likes and dislikes of your audience, helping you create content that appeals to them the most.

Despite pure number analysis, you will learn about your audience’s age group, regional preferences and creative preferences. It ultimately provides you with a thorough consumer behavioural report that you can leverage to your advantage.

6. Leverage email marketing

effective content marketing for Start-up business owners

These days, it’s rare to come across a business that doesn’t leverage email as part of its marketing strategy. It simply works. About 89% of marketers are using email as one of their primary tools for generating leads to their website in 2021.

According to research collected in 2021, the ROI of emails is 4200%, or $42 for every $1 spent, with 21% of emails being viewed within the first hour of delivery. Even more, about 61% of subscribers like to receive promotional newsletters every week.

Is there anything familiar about it? Yes! Emails are as popular with the audience and marketers. Everyone wants to know about the newest discount your business has announced or a new product you’ve just introduced, whether they’re a new customer or an old one. In the majority of the cases, it might be something of their interest.

Based on the information you’ve gathered, you can compose customised emails to each age group, gender and region. It increases user relevancy and will automatically work as an attention grabber.

Since you’ll be directly referring to a specific group, you’ll have a better chance of generating much-needed leads. Just make sure to hire a skilled copywriter.


Content marketing is very important for your business

As a start-up business, maintaining and growing a business is a demanding task. It takes a lot of devotion, time and works to share the spotlight with other businesses that already dominate the industry. That too, in a tight competition, is insane.

To make all of your work and time worthwhile, you must build a marketing strategy that entirely corroborates your aims. And for that, knowing the current trends is necessary.

As a start-up business owner, you need to do your digital marketing to the maximum to engage with potential customers in several media. Promote your product or service in multiple media like social media platforms, email, websites and more importantly marketing platforms.

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