The Scarier Side of Flooding: Rodents

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A rodent infestation can ruin a commercial or residential setting in a matter of just weeks or even days. If overlooked, rats and mice might devastate your property, infect your loved ones, cause diseases, and many more.
In Australia, most residents struggle with rodent infestation prevention. Storms and ensuing floods are one of many conditions that potentially drive rodents into homes or offices.

This article discusses how rodents cope with flooding and how their methods of survival overlap with and disrupt our daily lives.

The Scarier Side of Flooding: Rodents

Looking for a new place to live

Heavy rain and catastrophic flooding conditions exacerbate the rodent infestation, which is wreaking havoc on businesses and residences across Australia.

Rodents are forced from their burrows and closer to human habitats when heavy rains or flooding strike.

Rodents are always on the hunt for a warm environment with access to water and a plentiful food supply in order to survive. They are excellent swimmers that can travel long distances in search of the ideal habitat to relocate to, which in most cases is a household.

Mice, on the other hand, have great survival abilities and take advantage of their small size by entering your home through damaged pipes or small gaps and fissures.

Rodents do not need a lot of resources to nest, a pile of cardboard boxes or papers in the attic or near crawl spaces can be shredded without effort to make a perfect nest.

Insane breeding frenzy

Rodents will begin building colonies once they have gained entry to your household and have settled in. This is probably the most detrimental step.

Mice are capable of giving birth to up to 14 babies at once and conceiving up to ten times per year. However, rats only give birth to ten pups at a time and can once in a while give birth six times a year.

Mice reach sexual maturity in seven weeks, while rats reach sexual maturity in nine weeks. Without specialist intervention, two rats giving birth in your house in the first place would lead to 1000 rats living there in a year.

Chaos for food

Rodents need food in order to survive, and they hunt aggressively, browsing through your garbage and constantly gnawing on whatever they can get their teeth into. The constant gnawing can cause a variety of issues, from stock damage to property damage..

Rodents can quickly gnaw through pipework, insulation doors, floorboards, and anything else they can get their teeth on!

Health issues

As soon as you find out that your house is infested with rodents, you should consider any leftover food exposed to be contaminated. Rodents are able to transmit a wide range of viruses both directly and indirectly.

They have a habit of urinating all over the house. Several diseases can be transmitted by rodent urine and droppings, including rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, and Leptospirosis.

Rodent fur, skin, and droppings can all become airborne at some point, and long-term exposure can cause allergic reactions like watery eyes, asthma, and skin inflammation.

Keep an eye out for rodent infestation. if you’ve recently experienced or are experiencing a flood or significant rains. A single rodent or mouse should be cause for concern.

Follow these guidelines to make rodents have a much lower chance of surviving on your property:

– Remove any leftover food items as soon as possible.
– Move garbage and food out of the house as soon as possible to a bin kept outside
– Make sure that every indoor and outdoor trash container has a lid
– Set up mouse baits and traps throughout your home if you suspect a rat infestation.
– Call a professional rodent exterminator right once you see rodents

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of rodents is a difficult task, especially since they can multiply rapidly in weeks. Go into attack mode, especially during a flood or heavy rainfall. If you suspect a rodent infestation, contact a professional right away. With over 15 years of experience in business, we at City Pest Control, provide proven effective pest control services for the domestic and commercial markets in Canberra and Queanbeyan locations.


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