Some Quick SEO Fixes for Ecommerce Sites

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Ecommerce is a broad niche and there are so many things to deal with. If you are the owner of an ecommerce site, you should be doing a lot by now to drive more traffic to your online store. However, you should also constantly make some updates to your website to ensure it runs well.

What is Ecommerce SEO

In this article, our web experts have laid out the powerful yet fundamental ecommerce SEO quick fixes are that you must do to ensure the top-notch performance of your store.

1. Navigation Links

Even without any problems, navigation links are the most common thing that most ecommerce stores struggle with. Navigation links are also commonly the main problem causing ecommerce sites not getting proper rankings.

The menus can get out of control when people use the method of fewest clicks, as contrary to the least amount of time to finish a task. When an ecommerce site has too many categories and multiple products and even product variations in it, then navigation links can create a problem. When overlooked, the website ends up being a mess for the crawlers.

How you can quickly fix it:

To resolve this navigation issue, make sure that all products are in one category and that each category is linked like a proper hierarchical architecture. This simple navigation tweak will help you a lot in gaining higher traffic.

2. The Schema Architecture

Another important thing that every ecommerce site owner needs to fix is ​​to have the appropriate schema markup on their websites. Most of the ecommerce platforms lead to missing organisational schema, product schema or both.

And for those who don’t know, both of these schemas are highly pivotal for a healthy SEO. Many website owners tend to ignore schema creation and say they do schema creation once the website is live. But that’s not the right way to go.

How you can quickly fix it:

The best way to fix a schema issue is to create a new schema yourself or contact your ecommerce SEO service provider. If you are using a WordPress CMS, then you will find a lot of plugins to do it with a click.

And on the other hand, if you are running a site on another platform or it’s HTML-based, then you can use any open-source platform. Schema is an important aspect of a website because they provide all the important details about your business or products on the go.

3. The Titles of Your Site and Products

Site and product titles are some of the most fundamental things to optimise but most people just ignore them and focus on other unnecessary things. Most ecommerce CMS platforms have a pre-built system for creating titles. More than 50% of business owners never feel that it is important enough to check out the structure and try to optimise it.

Title optimisation should be simple and reliable, not rocket science. Both the visitors and search crawlers need to know what this page is about. But in many cases, this simple thing isn’t in the right place and ruins other SEO efforts.

How you can quickly fix it:

The way to fix the title is to organise it and make it easier to read. Make sure the title contains all the important details about the page and product in a very concise manner. Don’t confuse users with too much detail in one title.

4. Fix Your Backlink Profile

Whether it’s a regular website or an ecommerce site, people tend to make mistakes by creating or buying poor quality backlinks. If you see it from a long-term perspective, this negatively impacts the reputation of the brand as a whole. There are many packages available in the market that promise hundreds of backlinks at a dirt-cheap rate. But what you need to understand is that they are all of inferior quality.

How you can quickly fix it:

The only way to improve your backlink profile is to first clean it. Run a disavow test on your website to analyse which low quality backlinks keep your business alive. Once you figure them out, remove them and clean your profile. And if you want to build a good backlink, guest posts are the best way to do that. You can get the help of ecommerce SEO services to get the opportunity to post quality guests.

5. Products on Google My Business

Google is a great platform to advertise your ecommerce products in front of a large audience. Most business owners make the mistake of simply uploading the products and not optimising them. Treat Google My Business just like your website.

How you can quickly fix it:

After uploading your product, be sure to enter all the details and be sure to add the UTM source to your product’s URL. This will help in tracking the products in analytics.

How we can help

So, which fixes would you like to make to get the most out of your ecommerce store? We recommend that you check all these parameters or hire a professional ecommerce SEO service provider to make sure your store is optimised.

When you partner with our ecommerce SEO agency, our in-house team of ecommerce SEO experts will do everything from keyword research and content evaluation to page optimisation, internal linking, the list goes on! And that’s just scratching the surface! Our dedicated team of ecommerce SEO specialists will also provide ongoing guidance on how to maintain an engaging website that drives conversion, whether you use Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix ecommerce, BigCommerce or other ecommerce platforms. Find out now how your ecommerce business is performing online and our ecommerce SEO strategists will contact you about how to optimise  your site for organic search.

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