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In a previous blog, we discussed general search engine optimisation statistics and what should you do to optimise your website. In this post, we’re going to lay out some important statistics on local SEO that can help your website to be easily found in local searches.

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As the name suggests, local SEO focuses on making your website more visible for local business searches. The difference between local SEO and regular SEO is that local SEO focuses on regional or local searchability, while regular SEO focuses on brand searchability nationwide. This means when someone types in “pizza nearby” on a search engine, say Google, a search results page appears and that person instinctively clicks the top result. What this means for you as a local business owner is that you’d want your local business to be on that top result whenever someone is making queries about businesses like yours.

Recent data shows that local searches are growing rapidly, as more people can easily perform searching via mobile browser or application. If you want to get more in-store visits and traffic for your website, you really need to pay attention to local SEO. Below are some data and statistics that should be able to convince you of the importance of optimising your website for local search.

1. About 80% of people find local information through search engines

Four in five online users search for local stores, events and locations using their phones, computers or tablets. Only a fifth of users do not search for anything with regard to local info on search engines.

2. 50% of smartphone users visit the store they found in their local search

Local searches are performed every day. The goal is to find the “near me” information around the users. It is usually the direction to local stores, their business hours and their inventory and products. Because of this, optimising for local searches becomes a vital component of most e-commerce marketing strategies.

Local SEO stats indicate that half of the mobile users tend to visit the store they found in a local search. The percentage decreased to 34% for desktop and tablet users.

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3. 18% of the local search users will do a purchase

18% of local searches drive people to buy on the very same day of the search. Meanwhile, non-local searches accounted only for 7% of purchases. So making sure that you optimise your page for local search is vital if you want to gain more online sales. 

4. 75% of consumers prefer location-based ads

Approximately 75% of people want only ads relevant to their location. People consider ads that mention their city, ZIP code or close neighbourhood more helpful and compelling.

5. Over 60% of people got information about a location from ads

More than 60% of people used the information they got from ads to discover new businesses near their location. Most online users count on local SEO to find recent things around them such as stores, restaurants or any other business. 

6. Among local information searches, 54% of them are business hours searches.

The data from local searches reveals that 54% of all searches pertain to the business hours of nearby businesses. In fact, 53% of people will be likely to search for directions to local stores, while 45% of them search for the product availability of the local stores.

It is certain that incorporating these elements into the “online business card” will bring more traffic to your store.

7. 51% of users discover new businesses through mobile search

SEO stats indicate that more than half of mobile users discover new businesses or products while they conduct online searches. Websites that are optimised for mobile use, both from the perspectives of SEO and compatibility, are more likely to get visits from users who are on the website by accident. 

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8. 53% of smartphone users will search for local information at home

While it’s not surprising that 76% of laptop and desktop searches for local information are conducted at home, info that more than half of smartphone users do the same might be.   

Search engine traffic stats show that 53% of smartphone users prefer to search for local information from home, 51% of them search while in transit and 41% of them search while they are in the store.

9. Most people will click on the business web on the first page of a local search

The importance of local SEO for businesses is further proven by the fact that 92% of people will click on a business website on the first page of local search results. Optimising your page for local searches is possibly the best strategy if you have a small business that relies on in-store purchases.

10. Almost half of Google searches are local

According to SEO statistics, 46% of all Google searches have a local geographical focus. Optimising your business website for local search is so important it cannot be overstated.

11. Online reviews are trusted by 88% of online users

Getting more positive online reviews for your business can also drive more traffic to your website. It can be applied to both online and physical stores. Data shows that 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as family and friend recommendations.

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12. The growth of local searches increase 50% faster than mobile searches

The 2018 Local SEO stats suggest that local searches grow 50% faster than overall mobile searches. This is also why Google puts much more consideration into local map ads. Since the price of local ads could very well increase in a few months, local businesses should take advantage of this opportunity while it’s still affordable.

13. In 2020, online advertising became larger than TV advertising

In 2020, online advertising was expected to be 70% larger than TV advertising, which was proof that TV advertising is on its way out. For a few years, all SEO statistics have considered the swing in favour of online advertising as another major reason for implementing SEO.

14. There are a significant rise in-store hours searches during Christmas day

As stated previously, most people usually search for store locations. However, on Christmas Day, store hours become the most searched information online. Every business must put this info on their display, especially on special days like the holidays when people need to buy stuff as a gift for their beloved ones. 

15. 82% of the online users tend to look for the negative reviews first

Statistics reveal that 82% of users will search for negative online reviews of the business or service they aim to visit or use. People seem to take negative reviews thoroughly, that sometimes brings a negative impact on the business. 

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16. More than 50% of marketers put blogging as their first priority

According to 2018 blogging SEO stats, 55% of marketing professionals consider blogging to be the most important marketing activity. Blogging has been the most preferable method of marketing for the past two decades and the info states that it won’t be slowing down. 


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17. Mobile devices will influence $1.4 trillion of local sales

Mobile devices are essential and cannot be overstated. They have already created a huge impact in the online world and their significance is expected to rise over time. In 2021, $1.4 trillion in local sales was expected to be led by mobile devices.

How we can help?

Local SEO is becoming more popular lately as more and more people making “near me” queries. The growth of smartphone technology and apps also contribute to the increase of local SEO trends. It’s really not that surprising that many business owners nowadays consider local search important and begin to utilise local SEO strategies for their websites. 

According to the statistics, applying for a local SEO is not easy and it requires a lot of time before you could finally get the result. You should also keep an eye on bad reviews for your business, sometimes it can actually reduce the visitor to your website. But one thing that you should remember: the local search engine optimisation trends are not slowing down for the next few years. 

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