Popular Indian Foods in Australia

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Indian foods or cuisine is widely regarded as one of the most flavorful and popular cuisines in the world. And, in particular, an impressive number of Australians enjoy having Indian cuisines and visiting Indian restaurants such as our restaurant The Yarra Indian Restaurant which serves quality Indian food.

The booming trends of tasty Indian cuisines have been accepted globally. Western countries have been the forerunners in adopting this trend.
With a substantial Indian population calling India home, approximately 3% of Melbourne’s population is made up of Indians.

With the increasing number of Indian restaurants in Australia, the Indian presence has become fairly noticeable. The distinct and authentic Indian flavours must be lauded for their contribution to the growing popularity of Indian foods. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular Indian dishes in our restaurant, The Yarra Indian Restaurant in South Yarra, Melbourne.

Popular Indian Foods in Australia

1 Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is one of the most popular Indian curry foods on the menu and takes the top spot at number one! The divine dish is deeply rooted in the northeastern part of India, but its appetizing and tempting taste has won praise in almost every part of the country. Spiced chicken’s sweet and tangy flavour complements every plate around the world. Thick cream, seasoned with spices and onions, goes well with a loaf of naan. The enticing flavours of spices and the essence of traditional Indian herbs propel it to the top of The Yarra Indian Restaurant dishes.

Indian Foods -

2 Tandoori Chicken

Without having tried Tandoori Chicken, the praises of Indian foods must have been in vain. The dish is renowned for its delightful flavour and authenticity. The dishes are made up of chicken chunks shaped into kebabs. In the clay urn, the chicken is slowly cooked. Tandoori chicken is an enticing non-vegetarian dish that is popular on The Yarra Indian Restaurant menus.

Indian Foods - Tandoori Chicken

3 Beef Vindaloo

Beef Vindaloo is a popular dish among foodies. It is one of the best Indian curries, combines potatoes, spices, and chillies to create a spicy, hot, and tasty dish. Beef Vindaloo is a fiery dish that sits at the higher end of the spicy-o-meter and is not for the faint of heart. So, do you like it hot and spicy?

Indian Foods - Beef Vindaloo

If you are in Melbourne and searching for the best Indian food; don’t pass by The Yarra Indian Restaurant – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how we have achieved a flavoursome Indian cuisine. Eat Indian food at home by ordering home delivery, or pick up some Indian food when you order takeaway or enjoy a smart casual setting and book a table to dine in at The Yarra Indian Restaurant.

The Yarra Indian Restaurant

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