Reasons You Need to Have Master Key

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A tiny item like locks could save you from many unwanted situations. The importance of keys in our everyday lives was without a doubt that if we were to lose them, we would not be able to do the activities as usual. Imagine if an office lost a key, how can the staff finish their target then?

master key

Not everybody is going to have access to the office keys. It is often the manager or perhaps specific office staff who have the keys. But, what if the person who has the key leaves the office or forgets to bring the keys? That would bring chaos to the staff who have deadlines if the key is missing.

Before that accident could cost the company, it is better to have a master key or a master key system. Those who have the master-key system will easily unlock the door without having to break the office door when the key is unavailable.

Calling a locksmith when the time is ticking might waste another time. Hence, having a master key is beneficial. The office staff are still able to get into the office and someone can call the locksmith services later to duplicate the key.

At this point, you might wonder how two different keys can unlock the same door. The only answer is because a master key is the type of key that can open all locks on your building.

So, how can two keys that are not the same open the same lock?

When a key is inserted into a lock with master wafers inside, two shear lines are created. One shear line is formed above the pin in the absence of a master wafer, and another is formed with the pins below the master wafer.

That means there are two methods for unlocking the lock. The change key can only open it in one direction (with the shear line above the pins), whereas the master key is able to operate it both ways (shear lines above and below the pins).

Why do we need master keys?

Most people have master keys so they can have control of the keys that are distributed towards the staff. One can reduce the number of keys because someone has the master keys. That way, it is easier to keep track of who holds the office key.

Despite that, the number of properties that you have might cause you to bring plenty of keys around. Having one master key will help you eliminate the struggle to find the right keys for the right door.

Are you thinking about getting a master key?

After knowing the benefits and how it works, master keys certainly have their purposes and advantages. If you are unsure about how the master keys system could work for your office or buildings or properties, contact us so we can help you.

locksmith services are happy to offer advice to assist you in making decisions and installing it too. Visit our store or give us a call.

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