Buying a Toilet? What to Consider Before.

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Buying a Toilet?

When buying a toilet, we all think of a toilet that we use several times a day that is problem-ridden. Clogs, leaks, broken push buttons, loose handles, and cracked bowls are just a few of the issues that some of you may have encountered with your toilet. When you fail to install the proper flushing toilet at home, you will most likely face these problems. Consider the number of people who use the toilet on a daily basis, as well as how frequently they do so. when buying a toilet, can it handle all of the load and traffic?

You’ll need to learn how to choose the best toilet for your bathroom if you want to ensure that your flushing toilet lasts for years. buying a toilet may appear simple because all you have to do is buy a toilet and have it installed by a professional, right? However, keep in mind that there are a few things to think about before buying a toilet. Not sure where to begin? Let our guide walk you through the basics of buying a toilet!
Buying a Toilet What to Consider Before - Buying Toilet - Top4


The first thing to consider is the size of the toilet, as you must ensure that it will fit in the bathroom. All you have to do now is measure the available space for the unit.
You’ll be measuring distances from the wall to the rear bolt, so double-check the bolt’s configuration. It’s also necessary to measure the rough-in. This is the measurement between the waste outlet and the wall. It’s usually 12 inches long, but some are 10 or 14 inches long. Those who want to replace their old flushing toilets must take exact measurements.

Choose a Toilet Style and Type

Traditional, transitional, modern, eclectic, and contemporary toilets are just a few of the styles available. You can then think about the type of toilet that best suits your needs once you’ve decided on a style.
Toilet types include two-piece, one-piece, tankless, and wall-mounted. The type of toilet that works best depends on a variety of factors:
Two-piece toilets are made up of two parts: a bowl and a tank attached to the top. You may be able to mix and match your bowl and tank depending on the model. If you’re switching your tank and bowl, make sure the tank’s bolt holes are securely aligned with the bolt holes in your bowl. Two-piece toilets go with a wide range of styles.
One-piece Toilets combine the toilet and the bowl into a single unit. This results in a modern or contemporary bathroom with a sleek, clean look. Two-piece toilets are more difficult to maintain and install than one-piece toilets. Due to their sleek appearance, one-piece toilets are commonly found in modern, contemporary, and eclectic bathrooms.
Tankless Toilets do not have the tank that one-piece and two-piece toilets have. This allows you to save space while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic that works well in both small and large bathrooms. Toilets with no tanks are easier to clean than those with tanks. Because they are directly connected to a water supply line, they flush more quickly and powerfully. This toilet is appropriate for modern, contemporary, and eclectic decor.
Wall-mounted Toilets, also known as wall-hung toilets, are built into the wall to save space on the floor. A wall-mounted toilet makes transfers from wheelchairs and walkers easier if you have family members with limited mobility. This toilet is also ideal for bathrooms with limited space. Make sure your walls are thick enough to support the toilet before choosing this toilet type. Modern, contemporary, and eclectic interiors all benefit from wall-mounted toilets.

Flushing Systems

The flushing system is the most important consideration. When you flush the older models, they can use up to 4 gallons of water. They’re made with a single lever and rely on gravity to create pressure for flushing.
A dual flushing toilet, on the other hand, can only use 1.6 gallons per flush and 0.8 gallons with a low flush. It can flush waste with a small amount of water, which is why it is known as a water-conserving flushing toilet.
It is necessary to choose a flushing toilet that is more efficient. You will be able to contribute to environmental protection in this way. Furthermore, you will be able to save money due to lower water bills.

Seat Height

When it comes to customizing your toilet, you also have the option of changing the seat height. The standard toilet height is 17 inches, which can be found in most homes, apartments, and public restrooms.
A 19-inch seat, also known as “comfort height,” is available if desired. In general, if you have no problems using a regular toilet, you can skip this option; it isn’t available on all models.
The 19-inch toilet seat height will likely come in handy if some of the toilet users are tall or have difficulty getting in and out of a sitting position. When making this decision, think about the current and future toilet users: Do you have any plans to house your aging parents in the future?

Select Other Features

Your next trip to the bathroom will be more convenient and comfortable thanks to the latest toilet innovations. Choose from a variety of features for your toilet, such as:
  • Quiet close: Worried about curious little fingers slamming into the toilet lid? With a quiet-close toilet seat, you can avoid accidents and noise.
  • Quick release: A quick-release toilet seat detaches easily from the toilet, making cleaning and replacement a breeze.
  • Easy clean glaze: This feature is for you if you despise cleaning your toilet. Some toilets have an antibacterial glaze that prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating.
  • Bidet technology: You can maintain personal hygiene while reducing toilet paper waste with a toilet-bidet combination. Bidet technology cleans one’s private areas after using the toilet with a stream of water.
If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve made it through the basics of selecting a toilet guide. Hopefully, now you understand all you need to know about toilets and what you need to consider when purchasing one, so whether you’re building, renovating, or replacing, choosing the right toilet will be a breeze!

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