Top4 to Introduce Innovative Booking Feature in New Partnership with Cogsworth

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Top4 & Cogsworth Partnership to Offer Businesses and Customers an Easy to “Book an Appointment” Feature

Earlier this month, Michael Doyle, the founder of Top4, a global premier and highly acclaimed location-based marketing platform that has partnered with such giants as Crazy Domains, announced along with award-winning company Cogsworth’s Co-founder, Mark Evans, that both companies will form a new partnership to introduce a streamlined booking experience for Top4 users and the businesses featured in Top4s local pages.

Recent statistics state that 85% of shoppers search for a local business online (1) with millions of searches performed on a daily basis. Not only would customers be looking for products and services, but they’re also looking for a simple convenient way to book appointments with businesses featuring on the Top4 platform such as doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, hairdressers and beauty and all wellness businesses, which are now moving rapidly to online bookings and virtual appointments (2).

40% of online bookings are conducted after hours so it is vital for businesses to have a booking feature. The smart booking system being introduced by Cogsworth will not only improve conversions, but it will also allow Top4 to assist prospective customers and eager businesses to bridge that gap between the customers getting an appointment immediately, beginning the customer-service provider relationship without delay.

“We are all about customer-search experience at Top4. When the customer is looking for something right away and gets it, not only does it provide with an efficient instance for both customer and service provider, but it also catalyses the relationship one step earlier which empowers the customer, instils service provider confidence in that customer and helps further secure that client by starting the whole customer service experience on the right foot all with a simple to use booking feature — it’s a potentially powerful tool!” was said by Michael Doyle during a recent interview after the strategically agreed partnership’s confirmation.

He further added that “[i]n the world of digital marketing, things are constantly changing and sometimes rapidly. Since covid online bookings, virtual meetings, and virtual telehealth appointments have skyrocketed so it’s a perfect match and gives value to the Top4 customers who are on the Top4 Local Pages to get more leads, exposure, and an improved conversion rate.”


About Cogsworth

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Cogsworth is an Australian-based HIPPA-compliant smart scheduling software that operates globally with over 10,000 businesses utilising the platform. Cogsworth has existing partnerships with giants such as Audi and Ella Bache to name a couple. Cogsworth is an appointment scheduling software designed to save countless hours spent on scheduling clients. The company’s software is a seamless and comprehensive tool that synchronizes a company’s calendars, including those of the business owner, staff, and bookings and creates a list of customization and intuitive services for clients to choose from, such as meetings, specific locations, and industry-specific services to ensure they are never double-booked, enabling users to set and manage customer bookings online.


About Top4

Top4 was founded in 2017 by Michael Doyle with 23 years of experience and was developed to help discover the best local businesses fast. Top4 curates recommendations and verified reviews on the internet from Google, Instagram, Facebook and major social networks for local and national businesses and franchises to assist customers in finding the best businesses for their various needs. With well over 200,000 local business pages in its database offering unique and premium business advertising features, businesses can be found locally with ease and enjoy higher search rankings in local and national wide searches. Top4 is the most cost-effective way to boost website traffic now trusted by 200,000 companies and growing! The Ultimate Local Marketing Platform for Your Website is now available in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Indonesia, Canada and Singapore.



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