6 Tools Small Business Owners Can Use to Promote their Business Online

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Marketing a business online can be a bit tricky with cost being a concern to most business owners. Some have to work with a low budget with most opting to find a free way to market their trade online. There are tons of free tools businesses can turn to when it comes to online marketing. With that in mind, it may all boil down to where to start and which tool is best used first. The tools mentioned range from actual sites to free tools integrated with their marketing plans. Below are some of the tools that companies can consider using.

1. Tell your story with video sharing sites.
The best way to get noticed is to create credible content. Blogs have become indirect tools for helping create awareness for the business. A modern practice is to add some videos to articles. With YouTube and Vimeo offering embed codes, a simple copy-and-paste of embed codes can go a long way.


2. Connect with other businesses and customers through directories.
A practice which seems to have been forgotten is the submission of sites to online directories. A reason for this may be tied up to cost, but many solutions are still available for free, including Top 4. The new Australian social business and brand directory enables and empowers small to medium sized businesses to connect with businesses in their area. The online directory allows businesses in Australia to post or look for jobs, buy products, connect with fellow businesses and get insights as to how their posts perform.

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3. Integrate social with your websites.
Facebook is more than just a site where folks can share pictures on personal levels. Social plugins are available which can be integrated into websites through plugins or hard codes. They’re flexible and can even be cross-promoted with other social media and content for better marketing results.


4. Share product screenshots with CamStudio Open Source.
One thing about the web these days is interaction. Articles are fine but with visual appeal could ramp up interest all the more. Screencasts can produce tutorials or presentations, something that can, in turn, be shared to build an audience.


5. Make use of Slideshare.
Powerpoint slides are normal for marketing professionals when they show clients something. Instead of doing the footwork, uploading them to Slideshare for others to view, print and/or read could be a better alternative. It also allows companies to cover a wider reach.slideshare_logo

6. Promote your products with MailChimp.
When it comes to marketing plans, email marketing campaigns are likely to be part of it. While there are tons of sites that can do that, MailChimp should be at the top of the list to offer free plans. With MailChimp, companies can send as much as 12,000 emails a month, which can be sent to as much as 2,000 recipients.



Small businesses looking to connect with their target audience have endless opportunities that enable them to do so. The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you’re using the right strategies to truly build a community with your target.

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