Top 4 Tools That Will Help You Get Meaningful Audience Insights

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Audience insights help marketers get the quantitative research they need to inform their marketing strategies. When the time to write a creative brief or RFP (request for proposal) comes, most marketers rely on a psychographic profile to unearth great insights. Well, you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for these profiles just to reach your ideal customers. You just need to use the right tools to get it right.


1. YouTube Analyticsyoutube-analytics-banner
As a marketer, every new beginning should start with the end…of your last campaign. Think of the specific, actionable learnings from last time you can apply to your new campaign. To determine these learnings, you need to access your YouTube Analytics dashboard and check your last campaign’s results.

Using the Audience Retention tool, you can play your brand’s video alongside a graph showing retention. You’ll discover why your audience stopped watching your video ad or what kept them engaged with it. These are the kinds of insights your creative team should use to make more “unskippable” YouTube ads.


2. Google Consumer Surveys
These surveys are valuable when you want to poll your audience about your present or past campaign. But you can also use Google Consumer Surveys even before a campaign starts to examine your consumer insight or understand your customer’s mindset. Aside from that, you can slice the results by age, gender, geography, income, family structure, etc. to make sure you have relevant insights about your target audience. Above all else, the surveys will help you get thousands of results in days instead of tens in weeks without breaking your budget. The average cost per response is as low as 10 cents per complete.


3. Google Trends
If you’re still in the process of researching for topics, Google Trends will show you where your audience’s interest is growing or dying off and what topics of interest can you uniquely own within your niche. When it comes to Google Trends, it’s better to plan for an ongoing trend rather than try to get it like you’re capturing lightning in a bottle.


4. Google Correlate
Google Correlate is like a matchmaker for search trends. Say for example you’ve discovered a rising trend and you want to find more topics like it that your audience is interested in. This tool looks for other queries that follow a similar search pattern. It helps brands discover insights that might not otherwise be visible. The coolest feature within the tool is its geographic mapping option.

You have the tools now so you can begin or resume your work. Take the data from these tools and shape them into meaningful audience insights.

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