9 YouTube Sales Training Channels You Should Subscribe To

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If your team needs sales training, there are a lot of options out there. But before your company forks over any of your hard-earned revenue on sales training, you should first check out the free training videos on YouTube. Regardless of your team’s need — be it some bite-sized instruction, a full course correction or just a bit of motivation, there’s a wide variety of YouTube sales training channels that can help you.

These channels are run by well-established sales experts — bestselling authors and well-known speakers in the industry. They’re not only present on YouTube, but they’ve smartly leveraged the site, which has grown to reach more than a billion users.

1. Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey GitomerAlso known as the “King of Sales”, he’s the author of 13 sales books (one of which is The Little Red Book of Selling) and a member of the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. His books were translated into 14 languages, so he’s literally known the world over for his simple, insightful, and direct sales advice.

Recommended videos: “Stop Closing and Start Providing Value, or Lose to Price”, “Fear of Rejection is Bogus!”

After watching a few of his videos, try reading one of his books and you’ll hear his voice in your head.


2. Jill Konrath

Jill KonrathAs an award-winning author and highly sought-after keynote speaker, she gives practical and modern strategies in her videos to help sales teams generate and close more leads. She’s an expert at advanced prospecting strategies including positioning value to prospects through messaging and a big advocate of the mantra “Always Be Learning”.

Recommended videos: “Stunningly Unused Sales Technique” and “3 Components Every Value Proposition Must Have”


3. Influence at Work

Influence at WorkRobert Cialdini, Ph.D., founded Influence at Work as a professional resource to improve organisational and personal performance by understanding and using the psychology of influence.

Recommended video: “Science of Persuasion”

(Here, Cialdini explains the six principles that guide human behaviour. Another must-watch video introduces the core concept of the book “The Small Big”, which he co-authored with Steve Martin and Dr. Noah Goldstein — the secret to finding the smallest change that will have the biggest impact.)


4. Art Sobczak

Art SobczakHe’s known for his hands-on, practical advice for telephone and inside sales professionals. He coined “Smart Calling,” an approach to proactive prospecting which begins with researching prospects to break through the barrage of cold calls buyers now tune out.

Recommended videos: “How to Quit Cold Calling and Smart Call Instead”, “Make Sales Great Again”, “The Commencement Address Graduates Need to Hear, But Won’t”


5. Brian Tracy

Brian TracyHis company, Brian Tracy International, offers training on a variety of subjects. They provide sales training and other topics applicable to advancing your sales career, such as personal development, time management, and leadership training. Over the last 30 years, he has consulted over 1,000 companies and has spoken to over 5 million people at over 5,000 talks in over 70 countries. At 72, he’s still addressing over 250,000 people at keynotes per year. His “Success Channel” features his well-renowned seminars on leadership, sales, and management effectiveness.

Recommended videos: “Applying the 80/20 Principle to Goal Setting”, “Tips to Structure Your Day”


6. Dave Kurlan

Dave Kurlan

He’s a renowned expert on sales hiring, development and management, the bestselling author of “Baseline Selling,” and the owner of salesperson assessment firm Objective Management Group (OMG) and training firm Kurlan & Associates . Hundreds of sales training organisations all over the world use OMG’s assessments to assess salespeople, giving Kurlan access to more data about more salespeople than anyone else. Despite this, he manages to keep his YouTube videos for salespeople simple and actionable.

Recommended video: “Use of Assessments When Hiring”


7. Mike Weinberg

Mike Weinberg

If you’re wondering why your new sales aren’t soaring, watch him discuss the importance of having the right sales DNA.


8. Gerhard Gschwandtner

Gerhard Gschwandtner

As CEO of Selling Power Magazine, he’s no stranger to telling great sales stories. On his channel, he interviews sales experts in the world, including many of the ones listed above.

Recommended videos: “How to Persuade without Pressure” (his interview with Cialdini), “How to Teach Business Acumen to Salespeople”


9. Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter

Also known as The Sales Hunter, he’s the author of “High Profit Selling”, an in-demand speaker and workshop facilitator, and a sales veteran of multiple Fortune 500 companies. In most of his videos, Hunter gives tips on how to improve your close rate with fine-tuning your negotiation skills.

Recommended videos: “3 Fatal Mistakes When Giving Your Price”, “Negotiation Skills that Rock”


These channels are just a few of the sales training channels you’ll see on YouTube. The recommended videos will surely lead you to better sales results and also direct you to more training and more insight from these and other sales experts.

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