Website Homepage Content Tips (An Infographic)

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Planning, creating and publishing website homepage content gives marketers the most difficult (and important) decisions to make. There’s no exact formula to get the process right.

What should you put on your homepage? The answer could be:

(a) Content that positions your company as the solution to a specific problem

(b) Content that prospective buyers are looking for

(c) Both (for optimal results)

If your homepage is doing its job effectively, it will lead visitors one step deeper into your website. Better yet, it will guide the right visitors to the content they’re looking for. This only means your homepage, your content, and your marketing strategy in general, shouldn’t aim to engage everyone. Anyway, your conversion depends on engaging the right people, so you should definitely have a target audience.

You have many options when it comes to homepage content. Here’s an infographic that will give you some useful ideas you can execute for your homepage.


Hope you enjoyed and gained some insights from the infographic we shared. Meanwhile, widen your network by connecting with other digital marketing experts in Australia via Top4.

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