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Consumers have changed. The moment of need now outweighs brand loyalty, and research is the first step most consumers take before they make decisions on purchases. Google and other search engines have reduced research time by creating the most relevant search results possible for consumer queries. Organic SEO strategy requires a better understanding of consumer behaviours impacted by today’s online experience. It’s not enough to focus on the ranking of brand-owned media properties in search. Today’s SEO strategy demands a focus on consumer generated media and third-party sites ranking highly in organic search.

Know the search terms consumers use to research online

A large portion of the traffic we get comes from researching consumers who search Google, Yahoo, and Bing to learn more about the purchases they’re considering. A few of the key search terms used:

“best [industry] companies”

“top [products]”

“top 10 [product/industry] companies”

“[brand name] reviews”

“[brand name] complaints”

Mobile and desktop consumer research

Mobile consumers researching consumer packaged goods in-store use these same terms to decide which products to purchase, quickly. The search results coming up on the first page are a crucial part of reaching customers in their moment of need. Without a first page result, the consumer’s decision will favour your competitor who has higher search result rankings.

The desktop research process becomes even more complex, with consumers researching everything from CPG products to higher-end purchases or investments like mortgages, home builders, medical supplies, drug rehabilitation centres or pest control. Where is your brand name coming up in consumer searches?

Know where to connect

With buyer’s guides on third-party review sites becoming some of the top first page results catering to consumer research, brand placement on these guides is a crucial part of winning valuable SERP real estate. More cost-effective than other digital marketing strategies, listing your brand on third-party buyer’s guides gives your business a place in the consumer buying process, allowing you to leverage customer and expert reviews to compete with other brands vying for consumer attention. With an outstanding, trustworthy brand presence, potential customers will get what they need to select the brands worthy of their business.

First page results, faster

Which guides rank on the first page for your industry or competitors? Placement on those quality buyer’s guide sites, coupled with other digital marketing and SEO strategies, speeds up the process of developing increased brand visibility in search results. Getting on the first page of Google if your brand’s own media properties are still ranking poorly in search for non-brand related consumer queries increases your chances of being put in front of potential customers at an accelerated rate.

Source: ConsumerAffairs

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