What skills are required to get an SEO job?

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SEO is not just keyword research and stuffing. SEO is making a website look better on page as well as server level with an ultimate aim of boosting the sales through increased conversions. In the present era, an SEO consultant should have a complete idea on all SEO tactics right from on-page optimisation. Let’s now consider what special skills make one a complete SEO consultant.


Social Media Promotion

An SEO consultant should have a complete know-how on effectively handling the social media presence. This clearly states that having just a social media account will not justify. They should know the techniques to generate traffic with the social media by building followers and optimising videos. The synergy between the social media and SEO is working best in present day situation.

Link Building

There are quite a large number of link building strategies, including the permanent links on old-fashioned directories, association sites, credible high PR sites, etc. But the temporary links on social media like the content syndication, blogs, bookmarking, etc. An SEO consultant should be capable of building optimised links, both internal and external to boost the online presence of a company.

User Experience

SEO should be capable of providing a good user experience on the website. The users must be capable of accessing all pages on the website with ease and the navigation should be simple. An expert SEO will be capable of organising the content on the website effectively. They are capable of bringing out the best architecture of the website with relevant folders and content. They should possess the quality to retain the viewers on the website in spite of competition by providing an ultimate user experience.

Content Marketing

An efficient SEO consultant (like Logesh) should be capable both to create content and distribute it effectively on the website. Content creation is not just generating ideas but the data gathered should be effectively utilised with appropriate keywords to attract the viewers. An SEO consultant who is capable of creating good content that has great significance to the search engine and the end users are sure to reach great heights. The skills to identify and incorporate appropriate keywords by keyword research and crafting relevant content are the significant elements for successful SEO.

Communicating the end results

An SEO should be able to communicate the end results effectively. A report needs to be generated that explains the task performed with its metrics. A periodical report generation will improve the relationship with the clients.

Logical Approach

An SEO consultant should have a logical approach in pooling the information, organising and evaluating it. An in-depth study on the website is required before taking any corrective action plans. They should possess the skill to work with care and also take action plans spontaneously.

Familiarity with the Internet

Once a person has a basic idea of how the IP addresses work and the knowledge on the HTTP code, the remaining gets simple. A familiarity with the fundamentals will lead to effective working on SEO.

Search Engine Perspective

An SEO consultant should approach the website more from the point of view of the search engine and its ranking procedure. When they are capable of attaining it, the task gets simpler.

Expertise in HTML coding

An efficient SEO should possess the skill to code the HTML tags easily and instinctively. A thorough understanding on the HTML tags will help one fetch a good role in SEO.

SEO has grown tremendously. To outshine in the field of SEO, one should be more innovative and possess the right skills. They should be capable of increasing the ROI by understanding the clients’ needs and should not just end with ranking.

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