The Biggest Google Algorithm Updates in 2017 and Their Implications in 2018

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Every year, Google gets better and better at filtering search results to provide a more meaningful experience to users. Google algorithm updates often do this by pushing spam sites or low-quality content pages down in the ranks as a form of punishment.

However, Google is still just as secretive about the details of their algorithms as they’ve ever been. Only a few of the Google algorithm updates were even confirmed by the company, but many SEO experts and observant webmasters did notice some significant changes and fluctuations throughout the year. Confirmed or not, what do these changes mean for content marketers and how they can crack the algorithm code for better rankings?

At E2M, we have been meticulously documenting Google’s updates in visual form for the past six years. This year too, we’ve come up with an animated rendition of all major updates to the Google search algorithm:

google algorithm updates



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