How to Build the Perfect Cross-Channel Plan in a Week

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What is cross-channel marketing and why do you need it?

Every day, your customer starts a digital journey, and they don’t stay in one place for long. They browse different websites, read emails, check social media, shop, and switch between devices at a dizzying pace. On their phones alone, they use roughly 10 different mobile apps per day. That presents a challenge if you’re a marketer: how do you get your customers’ attention?

Cross-channel marketing is all about making sure the same people see your brand, message, and product on multiple channels.

Why Cross-Channel Marketing Matters

When customers see a consistent message across channels, they are more likely to buy and perceive the brand favorably.

Consulting these different channels is a natural part of most consumers’ purchase journey, with roughly 70% engaging at least three channels before deciding on a purchase.

The bottom line is that when you can reach your audience across multiple channels, you can drive more sales and improve brand loyalty. Building a cross-channel marketing campaign is critical to keep customers engaged as they learn about your product, evaluate it, and, ultimately, buy it.

What exactly is a “channel” and how many of them exist?

Let’s define what we mean by “channel”. A channel is anywhere your brand can appear. Your website, mobile app, each social media network, and display ads are all “channels”.

The channels you prioritize for your brand will depend on factors like your goals, budget, and where your audience spends their most time.

Here’s what we found when we asked 901 marketers about how they spend their ad budgets.

Cross-Channel Marketing in 5 Simple Steps

Starting Your Campaign: A Checklist

To launch a successful cross-channel marketing campaign, you need to think about five key factors:

Step 1: Make a brief

To start planning your cross-channel campaign, answer the following as best you can:

Step 2: Pick your channels

Based on your budget, where your audience spends the most time, and how readily you can launch your marketing creative across these channels, you can pick the channels you want to prioritize.

Check all that apply.


Step 3: Plan your cross-channel journeys

Cross-channel marketing is all about making sure you’re telling one story across channels and starting to build a relationship with specific people. To help inspire you, we’ve shared four common cross-channel journeys we’ve observed in our own work with marketers like yourself:



Simple cross-channel journeys

More advanced cross-channel journeys


Step 4: Launch the campaign

We’ve handpicked some of our favorite tools to make your cross-channel marketing campaign easier to launch and manage.


Step 5: Measure the results

You might be wondering: How will I know if the numbers I’m seeing are good?

A good cross-channel marketing campaign should focus on driving actions across the three stages of the funnel:

The Cross-Channel Planner

The goal of this guide is to make planning a successful cross-channel campaign an easy and repeatable process. Which is why we’re in-cluding a summary view you can PRINT as a checklist or the next campaign you plan.

Good luck, and happy planning!


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