Banking as Easy as Enjoying Favorite Coffee

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DBS Indonesia, has again initiated the whole new level of experience in banking activities through an innovation. After the launch of digibank by DBS – a bank with full advantages in a one hand – currently DBS Indonesia became a pioneer in creating a more seamless way in doing banking, through its presence in several coffee shops around Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung and Surabaya. DBS Indonesia is one of the banks that allows the use of biometric verification in opening bank accounts. With e-KTP, then people able open a digibank account and makes a biometric verification at coffee shop, as simple as ordering a cup of coffee.

This innovative breakthrough by digibank is one of the DBS Indonesia efforts in completing the needs of today’s urban communities while still complying with the Indonesian Government regulations, specifically in terms of Implementation of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Programs (APU and PPT). As a bank institution which commitment is to focus in innovation and technology, DBS Indonesia strives in complying the regulations and implements the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, through fun and convenience way. The KYC function is to identify and verify the prospective customers as a part of required process in order to check the validity of customers.

Leonardo Koesmanto – Head of Digital Banking DBS Indonesia, is explaining about several features and advantages of e-KYC services of digibank by DBS. DBS Indonesia presents a more seamless banking activity and initiates closer relationships with customers through the launch of e-KYC digibank by DBS, at St. Ali Coffee Jakarta, Wednesday (24/1).

Leonardo Koesmanto – Head of Digital Banking of PT Bank DBS Indonesia said, “it is Digibank by DBS commitment to maintain closer relationships with the costumers. This time, we want to introduce a unique way in opening bank account, by doing biometrics verification in e-KYC store. This is the way we demonstrate digital innovation in banking industry.” Leo also mentioned that since the launching, digibank by DBS has implemented a unique and innovative customer verification process, for example in the use of biometric technology.

Since its first launch, identity verification of prospective customer has been conducted through a digibank agent who visits the potential customer at their current location. Appointments has been made easy as to book an online transportation.

Furthermore, Leo explained, “Currently, digibank by DBS comes closer to accompany daily activities for people who tend to do their activities in more convenient places such as coffee shops while enjoying their coffee and relaxing, but are still able to do banking activities, including opening account. Thus, this is what we call as Live More, Bank Less.”

Leonardo Koesmanto – Head of Digital Banking DBS Indonesia, is showing the process of opening a bank account of digibank by DBS with e-KYC services through biometric verification. In partnership with 21 coffee shopes in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, and Surabaya, opening digibank by DBS account through e-KTP biometric verification only takes less than 5 minutes in process.

A Unique way in opening digibank account

DBS Indonesia has committed to always provide banking experience for customers in an easier, seamless, and fun way, and digibank by DBS is becoming the proof commitment.

Currently, DBS Indonesia has initiated collaboration with several coffee shops in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung and Surabaya in order to improve customers convenience in terms of banking activities. This unique collaboration then enable people to open accounts at several coffee shops as easy as enjoying their favorite coffee. Coffee trends that had become a part of the lifestyle for urban communities, especially for millennials, is one of the reasons for DBS Indonesia in establishing collaboration with several coffee shops. Later on, at the coffee shops, there will be a biometric verification tool to assist the verification process of identifying on the prospective customers.

There are already 21 coffee shops across Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung and Surabaya that has officially cooperated with DBS Indonesia for e-KYC program. The coffee shops will also provide a free cup of coffee for new customers of digibank by DBS who had successfully conducted the process of biometrics verification.

In addition, digibank by DBS will provide several benefits, such as 20% discount for the coffee lovers who have a digibank account.

Furthermore, these are digibank by DBS innovative features that enables customers to experience seamless banking activities:

  • BIOMETRIC TECHNOLOGY. Indonesian who live in the Greater Jakarta area (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) can open a digibank account anywhere at a time of their choosing. A meeting arrangement with a digibank agent is all they need to do, and the agent will assist them to do so using a biometric device on the spot. As for customers who prefer the convenience of activities in the coffee shops, they able to conduct biometric verification in the e-KYC store that is located in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.
  • CHAT TRANSFER – 24×7 by Virtual Assistant with an Artificial Intelligence technology. Customers will be able to converse with digibank’s AI-powered virtual assistant to conduct fund transfer transaction. They can type “Transfer 100 thousand to Digor” and the Virtual Assistant will do the transaction. This feature is similar with having a Relationship Manager who helps the transaction service, without having call with Call Center.
  • SPENDING TRACKER – An intelligent financial planning and monitoring feature that helps customers be smarter in managing their funds. People often lose track of their spending, especially during festive months, birthdays, graduations, and other occasions. With the digibank Spending Tracker feature, customers can easily plan their expenses while simultaneously monitoring their banking transactions made using their digibank debit card. In-built into digibank is a budget optimizer that helps customers do their budgeting, track expenses and analyze purchasing trends.
  • SOFT TOKEN – Security feature with dynamic in-built security. Most banks’ customers are used to receiving One-Time Passwords (OTPs) via SMS, then inputting the codes into pages to authorize their transactions. While for digibank costumers, after downloading the application and verification (OTP is conducted enough for once in the beginning), they able to enjoy the Soft Token feature embedded in the device used so no longer need OTP SMS for every transaction.

The effort of DBS Group to be at the forefront of banking innovation have been widely recognized. Last year, the bank was recognized as “World’s Best Digital Bank” by Euromoney, Best in the World for Digital Distribution by Efma Accenture and “Best Retail Bank in Asia-Pacific” by The Asian Banker. It has also been awarded as “Safest Bank in Asia” for nine consecutive years from 2009 – 2017.

 The following of 21 coffee shopes in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung and Surabaya which have established the cooperation with DBS Indonesia:

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