LinkedIn Launches New Course on Building a LinkedIn Presence and Utilizing its Ad Tools

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LinkedIn has launched a new course designed to educate people on how to make best use of the platform for brand-building and marketing, covering all aspects of LinkedIn’s on-platform tools.

The course, titled “Marketing on LinkedIn: The Sophisticated Marleter’s Guide”, is available on LinkedIn’s LinkedIn Learning platform, which does require a monthly fee, though a free trial is available, if you want to check it out (note: LinkedIn says that this course itself is also freely available).

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Through the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide course on LinkedIn, you can gain all the knowledge needed to develop a best-in-class social media marketing strategy, all in less than two hours total. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn, or just looking to brush up and elevate your content strategy, you’ll find plenty of helpful insights and guidance within.”

The course is essentially a cumulative collection of tips and insights from LinkedIn’s existing Resource Hub, but re-framing it into a course has enabled LinkedIn to put more specific focus on key elements. In addition, you get a certificate on completion to add to your LinkedIn profile and showcase your platform knowledge.

Elements in the new course include:

  • Building your LinkedIn Presence – Including notes on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, publish relevant content, engage within LinkedIn Groups and build your on-platform community
  • Using LinkedIn’s Ad Tools – An overview of LinkedIn’s evolving ad products, including advice and guidance on how to create LinkedIn ad campaigns for varying objectives
  • Ad Targeting in Detail – Notes on how to utilize LinkedIn’s more advanced audience targeting and data analytics to maximize ad performance (including LinkedIn’s ‘Matched Audiences’ retargeting tools)
  • Maximizing Measurement – An in-depth look at how to measure the bottom-line impact of your LinkedIn efforts, including notes on how to use Campaign Manager and Conversion Tracking, among other elements

With LinkedIn usage rising, and driving more referral traffic, it’s worth considering if and how your business can tap into that growth, and where LinkedIn might fit into your broader social media marketing strategy. And even if you don’t end up using these tools, the course still provides a good overview to help you make that decision, and may give you some additional considerations to think over.

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