GoFood Sees Double-Digit Increase in Transactions During Pandemic

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Food delivery service platform GoFood, a part of ride-hailing application Gojek, has seen a jump in transactions in recent months as people dine at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gojek chief food officer Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo said GoFood saw a 10 percent increase in transactions at the beginning of this month compared to the end of April. Some snack merchants, she added, even recorded a 30 percent jump.

“The trend of people ordering more food from their homes has prompted many of our small and medium food merchant partners to shift from offline sales to fully online,” she stated in a press release on Wednesday.

Previously, Gojek said that its food delivery service remained stable despite seeing a marked drop off in its number of ride hailing service users in April.

Catherine added that GoFood had also distributed thousands of vouchers worth Rp 80,000 (US$5.36) each to its small and medium food merchants that could be used to buy staple foods at Gojek’s groceries marketplace GoFresh.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have focused on easing the operational burden on merchants through voucher initiatives and maintaining merchant transaction volumes through programs such as National Culinary Week,” she said.

GoFood has also provided 50,000 outlet partners with masks, food sanitation kits and safety packages containing hand sanitizer, antiseptic soap and safety seals. Gojek has collaborated with consumer goods company Unilever Indonesia and beauty brand L’Oreal Indonesia, among other companies, to provide the sanitation packages.

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source: The Jakarta Post

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