Top4 Reasons to Add Your Business on the Top4 Google Marketing Platform

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In our previous article, we’ve discussed why you should claim your business on Google.

Now, we’ll tell you how important it is for you to also add your business on Top4.

Just in case you don’t already know, Top4 is a Location-Based Google Marketing Platform used by more than 150,000 local businesses and franchises to get more local business. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should add your business on Top4!


1.  Improve online visibility

A  business on Top4 will be able to show their Business Name, Business Logo, Business Description, Overview, and so much more information to potential customers coming across their Top4 advert.

Rainforest Health - Top4

So what, you ask?

Let’s put on a potential buyer’s shoes for a bit.

When you want to buy certain products or services, do you immediately buy them that instant? Well, that may be the case if you already have a trusted supplier you frequent. However, what happens when you are not sure which business can offer you what you need?

Simple, you go on a buyer’s journey.

While there are many routes of a buyer’s journey, they are typically divided into three big stages: Awareness, Consideration, and finally Decision.

Let’s say that you need to buy some vitamin pills.

First, you need to be aware of your options — which businesses offer the best vitamin pills, for example. To do that, you search on Google, using keywords such as “best vitamin store in [city name].” Lo and behold, Google presents you with a list of businesses. Generally, you never go past the first page — 75% of internet users, to be exact.… and they are more likely to click on the top 4 Google results.

If your business is not on Top4, then you’re missing out on more opportunities to show up on the top pages of Google.

Now, let’s say they come across your advert on Top4. Unfortunately, your advert doesn’t display a logo… and they don’t see any information at all about your business or the products you are selling. What do you think they will do next?

Yep, they’ll find another site. They’ll “bounce” off your advert. And you have just lost a potential customer.

However, if your business is on Top4 and it is claimed, then potential buyers can read the basic information about your business all in one place.

In that case, they’ll get to the Consideration stage.


2.  Convince potential customers

Now that they have read basic information about your business, they are considering to buy a product from you.

So what can you do to convince them?

Here are some of our best features that are very useful at this stage:

  • Photo Gallery

When your business is on Top4, you’ll be able to show your Photo Gallery on your Top4 advert. There, you can share your best works, products, or services!

House of Handsome Barbershop - Top4

If you own a barbershop, share your best haircut results and actual customer photos. This way, a potential customer can see whether they’ll benefit from your services and affect their considerations.

  • Showcase your menu/products

Before potential customers can decide whether or not they’ll visit your cafe or restaurant, they need to know what you are selling. When your cafe or restaurant is on Top4, you can show your menu on your advert – which is an exclusive feature for cafes, restaurants and RSL clubs.

Jabiru CBD - Top4

Alternatively, if your business is not within any of those categories, you can also showcase your products directly on your advert. Best of all, customers can directly order from your Top4 advert!

Elwood 101 - Top4

  • Promotion module

They now know what your business can offer them… but they need a little more convincing.

Here’s where our promotion module can help. Pique their interests by putting up deals and promotions which are beneficial to your customers. Give them a discount on their first purchase, for example.

Golden Crust Pizza - Top4

  • Share useful, relevant content

Besides showcasing your products and holding promotions, it’s also important to share useful, relevant content with your customers. When your business is already on Top4, you can share posts in the form of articles or press releases.

Perth Home Cleaners - Top4

Here are some benefits of press releases for your business:

  1. Instant Exposure
  2. Increased Sales Potential
  3. The Chance to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Plan
  4. The Opportunity to Brand Yourself as an Industry Expert
  5. Increased Traffic to Your Website


3. Convert prospects to buyers

They are now aware of your business and are considering to buy your products. At this stage, all you need to do is give them one last push.

In order to actually make a decision on a particular vendor, it means that a potential customer will have to consume additional content that supports his needs.

How do we do that, you ask? Success stories, case studies and customer reviews.

As discussed in our previous post on reviews, with Top4, your business will be getting real and verified reviews from other locals just like you! The team monitors and manages all the reviews… so we’ll keep those spammy bad reviews away from your business.

Furthermore, reviews are also a strong marketing tool to give your prospective customers that one last push to make their decision!

Of course, they would want to buy from a business who mostly, if not only, gets good reviews.

Rhodes Self Storage - Top4

Once you have added your business on Top4, you will be able to show all your reviews to potential customers. Needless to say, this will greatly improve the chances of them buying from you or doing business with you!


4. Improve your search rankings

We’ve saved the best for the last.

Did you know that 61% of internet users do research on a product online before making a purchase?

Furthermore, as we have discussed above, 75% of internet users never scrolled past the first page of Google. Therefore, it is vital to get your business among the top pages of Google to ensure that your customers will find you.

After all, none of the things we have discussed above will happen if they do not find your business on Google.

Once again, this is why you should definitely add your business on Top4.

Adding and claiming your business on Top4 allows you to add more suburbs and keywords to your advert, which will improve your search ranking.

Sahan Mezopotamian - Top4

Have we convinced you to add your business on Top4 and take advantage of our amazing features available for your business?

Get in touch with our Web Xperts if you need more information!

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