Here are the Top4 reasons you should post content regularly – if you need new clients

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Every piece of content you post is similar to feeding your pet, watering your garden, or taking care of your favourite plants.

When you have a flower garden, for example; it will look amazing if you take care of it well, water it regularly, remove the dead leaves around it, etc. However, without regular care, your striking orange and blue flowers can pretty quickly look like birds from hell.

The same goes for your website. When you regularly update it with new content, search engines will notice it, people will see it and engage with it. On the other hand, a website which does not get updated regularly is deemed by search engines and visitors as “dead.” Additionally, not updating your website also puts you in a disadvantageous position in terms of SEO.

Well, without further ado, here are the top 4 reasons you should post new content regularly – especially if you need new leads, sales, and clients!


1.  Helps drive traffic to your website

This one’s a no-brainer. After all, who would go to a concert with no performer? Or, in this case, visit a website with no content?

Take a moment to think about the pages you have on your website… and how often you would update them. For example, how often would you update your About Us page? Once, or maybe twice, to get rid of some typos, perhaps. But after that, there’s really not much you can do.

So instead, you should have a blog page and update that one regularly with new content.

Top4 has the perfect feature specifically for that purpose — our Post feature allows you to update your Top4 advert with new articles and press releases.

Kensington Kitchens & Bathrooms - Top4 Marketing

New content - Top4 Marketing

Additionally, we’ve made it super easy for you to share it to social media with our Social Sharing button!


1.  Helps convert traffic to leads

When your new content has successfully driven more traffic to your website, you’ll have an opportunity to convert them into leads.

How do you do that, you ask? Simple, add a lead-generating call-to-action to every new content on your website. Generally, it has to be in the form of free content – basically anything valuable enough that could be exchanged for contact information.

To explain further how it works and why you should do this, here’s the flow:

  • Visitor comes to your website
  • They see the call-to-action for a free offer
  • After clicking the call-to-action, they get to a landing page, which contains a form for them to fill in with their information
  • They fill out the form, submits information, and receives the free offer

Alternatively, if you have an online shop, for example, and you’d like to promote your products, you can add call-to-action that would lead potential customers to the product page.

For example, we have a post here for Rainforest Health Products, titled 5 Benefits of Barley Juice Powder. At the end of the post, we give a call-to-action that leads the readers to the product page – where they can buy barley powder.

5 Benefits of Barley Juice Powder - Top4 Marketing


1.  Helps elevate your authority

If you publish valuable content on your website, that will increase your brand authority. This is especially the case if your content helps answer the commonly asked questions in your niche or industry. For example, if you run a business on soundproofing, then you want your articles to answer the questions your potential customers might have about soundproofing itself.

Why soundproofing is important - Top4 Marketing

From the SEO perspective, it also helps immensely because Google, the most used search engine in the world, will index sites that stream regular content. That means, the more content you post, the more you improve your chances to become an authority site.


1.  More content = more keywords

We have briefly discussed the importance of having new and updated content in our previous points from the SEO perspective of things.

Every time you post new content, you are using more keywords that can attract customers. These keywords are vital for the algorithms used by search engines to determine ranking and indexing.

By frequently adding content such as articles and blog posts, you are allowing yourself to optimise more pages with relevant keywords that can drive people to visit your site.

On Top4, you can even specifically add relevant keywords to your posts and photo gallery – which is very beneficial to optimise your advert’s SEO and increase your rank on Google.

Keywords on post - Top4 Marketing

Keywords on Gallery - Top4 Marketing

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