The Top4 Reasons to Shop Local

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The past few months have shown us all the impact that small businesses and your local cafe – restaurant suffers by having no business. These business owners are our friends. We know them by name and going local does not mean rejecting the outside world. It means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources sustainably, employ local workers at decent wages and serve primarily local consumers.

Here at Top4, we are big supporters of local businesses. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we have spent so much time developing our unique location-based Google Marketing Platform – to help local businesses and franchises flourish.

But if you still need more convincing of why you should definitely shop locally or even add you or your friends business on Top4, we’re here to do just that. Here are the top 4 reasons to shop local:


1.  Supports local communities

By shopping locally, you are directly contributing to your local community and local business chamber. When you buy from a local business, your money goes straight into your local area – whether it’s your village, town, suburb, or city – which helps them thrive. In fact, for every $100 spent, roughly $68 to $73 of it returns to local activity.

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Additionally, locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers, farms and local wholesalers. Essentially, purchasing local helps other businesses to grow as well as the local tax base.


2.  Provides local jobs

Small local businesses are the largest employers so supporting local businesses helps to both retain and grow jobs in your community. In fact, since the 1970s, more than 65% of new jobs have come from the rise in small business.

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Like any other businesses, local businesses also need enough hands to help it sell its products and services. Therefore, the more we support them, the more jobs will be created and the better off our local communities will be.


3.  Promotes individuality in your community

With giant chains homogenising and killing off communities, independent businesses bring some much-needed originality. Shopping locally promotes individuality and breathes new life into communities that are dominated by generic and commodified companies.

Additionally, the unique character of your local community is defined in large part by the businesses that reside there. That, in turn, also plays a big factor in your overall satisfaction with where you live and the value of your home and property.


4.  Reduces environmental impact

One of the key reasons it’s worth shopping locally is that it reduces your environmental impact. As discussed earlier, locally-owned businesses make generally more local purchases, requiring less transportation. They also tend to set up shop in town or city centres, meaning there are generally less sprawl, congestion and habitat loss.

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Key Takeaways

With the Coronavirus and lockdown restrictions devastating local and small businesses, it’s more important than ever to shop locally and support the businesses in your area. Keeping their doors open means keeping your local neighbourhood lively and bustling.

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