The Top 4 Neat Features on Top4 You Might Not Know About

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In our previous post, we’ve talked about why you should add your business on Top4 – our unique Location-Based Google Marketing Platform. We have also covered some of our best features that over 150,000 businesses are using to generate traffic to their website. 

But believe it or not, we still have lots of other beneficial features that you might not know about yet. Best of all, they’re very beneficial to both business owners and customers alike!

Here are the top 4 neat features on Top4 that you might not know about:


1. Find your favourite local businesses by location

Did you know that the Top4 marketing platform is now available for businesses outside of Australia as well? Now, local businesses in New Zealand, Indonesia and the United Kingdom can also join Top4, with the global version launching any time now.

Top4 Global - Top4 Marketing

This is why we’ve also made it easier for you to find your favourite local businesses by location.

Top4 - Drag Down Location

When you go to the Top4 website, you’ll notice that you can filter businesses by location using our neat drag down options. For example, when you’re trying to find a cafe in Australia, you can just choose Australia and click Search.


2. Biz Categories

On the top left corner, next to Home, you’ll notice that we have Biz Categories, Biz Marketplace, and Biz PromotionsLet’s go over them one by one, starting with Biz Categories.

Biz Categories - Top4

This neat feature allows you to filter businesses by category, and it is especially useful for when you’re not sure which business you are trying to find. For example, you are trying to find a plumber in your area, but you’re not sure yet which one you should choose. In that case, you can click on Plumbers and search from there.


3. Biz Marketplace

Did you know that you can add and sell your products directly from your Top4 advert? Furthermore, as a customer, you can also buy products from your favourite local businesses through Top4. This is what Biz Marketplace is for.

Biz Marketplace - Top4

Not only can you find the best products from the local businesses that are on Top4, but you can also filter them by categories.

Biz Marketplace - Top4 - Categories

When you have decided on which products you’d like to buy, simply click on the Add to Quote button. Doing so will directly contact the business and process the purchase. Easy, right?


4. Biz Promotions

Who doesn’t want to get a discount on their first purchase? Perhaps a free voucher? Or even some other amazing deals? Well, Biz Promotions is where you’ll find the best deals from the local businesses that are on Top4.

Biz Promotions - Top4 Marketing

You can find special deals or promotions from over 150,000 businesses that are on Top4 in this area. The promotions might not even be available anywhere else, so this is your best chance to save some money and support your local businesses while you’re at it! Simply click on the promotion that you’d like to use; after that, it will direct you to the business advert.

Promotions - Top4 Marketing

These promotions usually have a time limit, so use them now while you can!


Key Takeaways

Top4 are big supporters of local businesses, and we’d like to help you as much as possible to do the same. Whether as a business owner or a customer, we still have lots of other features that you can use to support the local businesses in your area and help them thrive. Stay tuned for more highlights on our amazing features! In the meantime, let’s keep supporting local businesses by using the Top4 platform – Where Local People Find Local Businesses. Add or Find a business today –

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