The Top4 Tools You Should be Using to Promote Your Local Business

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As a local business, do you know what method people use to find you? Mobile devices. If you’re not aware of this or optimizing for it, you’re leaving money on the table.

Smartphones and tablets have made it easier than ever before for prospective customers to search for businesses in their areas and to find any pertinent information to influence their purchasing decisions. Within seconds, potential customers can see what product/service a business offers, get directions, and find contact information.

Unfortunately, being a local business, you may not have as many opportunities to capture leads or monitor your buyer’s activities during different stages of their buyer’s journey from awareness to purchase. That makes it tough to tell what is working, and what isn’t.

And, when you do take on a digital marketing initiative, you need to make absolutely sure that you only reach an audience that can visit your immediate geographic area. Otherwise, you can spend thousands of dollars on SEO, PR and social media initiatives that will reach the wrong people, wasting thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled our top 4 tools that you should be using to promote your local business!


1. Google My Business

Did you know that local searches make up 46% of all Google searches?

That’s right. Nearly half of the people checking out your business online will be located within your immediate geographical area.

To ensure that prospects are finding your business, you’ll need to be active on Google My Business. Here’s our complete guide on how to get the most out of your Google My Business Profile.


2. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook is a huge deal, so it only makes sense that you’ll want to use Facebook Pages Manager.

With this app, you can manage your business’s presence on Facebook with the utmost level of control and efficiency.

Use it to do the following:

  • Post updates, photos, and videos
  • Respond to comments on your page
  • View and reply to messages
  • Get push notifications for page activity, tips, and reminders
  • View your Page Insights
  • Manage your settings and page roles

This app serves as a streamlined way to manage your Facebook account from your mobile device and stay in close contact with your customers.

For better or worse, people trust Facebook. Facebook serves as a tool for people to discover new friends, keep up with the news, stay in touch with family, and, yes, discover new places to eat, drink, shop, and play.

Not being on Facebook is the 1980s equivalent of not being in the phone book.


3. Digital Advertising

Did you know that Digital advertising spend is set to grow from $83 billion this year to $129+ billion by 2021? That’s a big number. Hence, it’s all the more reason for you to start digital advertising for your local business. Here’s why you should really start considering to “sell” on social media.

With digital advertising, not only is a local business visible online, but they are visible to the right people online. Platforms like Facebook and Google allow for advanced targeting, which puts a local business in front of consumers who are more likely to convert into a sale.


Why Google Ads?

With 3.5 Billion Google searches conducted every single day, customers are looking for local businesses and businesses should want to be on Google.

Other than that, Google allows the local advertiser to spend whatever they want, whenever they want. With flexible options for ad spend, advertisers are able to test what works and what doesn’t work for a business. Spend a bit, wait to see how the campaign performs, and then reinvest in larger budgets for greater prospect reach.


Why Facebook ads?

As a local business, you simply cannot ignore the fact that Facebook is likely an intersection in which you can find prospective customers. After all, they have an average of 1.32 billion daily active users, a number which is steadily increasing at around 17% per year.

Additionally, Facebook Ad targeting is a marketer’s dream. Facebook allows the ability to focus on users so microscopically that you can target users by their interests, behaviours, age, gender, location, and really anything that their Facebook profile may reveal about them including job title.


4. Add Your Business on Top4

Just in case you don’t already know, Top4 is a Location-Based Google Marketing Platform used by more than 150,000 local businesses and franchises to get more local business. Here are some of our best features – and why you should definitely add your business to Top4:


Photo Gallery

When your business is on Top4, you’ll be able to show your Photo Gallery on your Top4 advert. There, you can share your best works, products, or services!


Showcase your menu/products

Before potential customers can decide whether or not they’ll visit your cafe or restaurant, they need to know what you are selling. When your cafe or restaurant is on Top4, you can show your menu on your advert – which is an exclusive feature for cafes, restaurants and RSL clubs.

Alternatively, if your business is not within any of those categories, you can also showcase your products directly on your advert.


Promotion module

Using our promotion module, you can pique their interests by putting up deals and promotions which are beneficial to your customers. Give them a discount on their first purchase, for example.


Share useful, relevant content

Besides showcasing your products and holding promotions, it’s also important to share useful, relevant content with your customers. When your business is already on Top4, you can share posts in the form of articles or press releases.


Get real reviews from real people

Once you have added your business on Top4, you will be able to show all your reviews to potential customers. Needless to say, this will greatly improve the chances of them buying from you or doing business with you!

And many more!

Are you ready to dominate your local market using our top 4 tools?


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